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Five special cuts of beef from around the globe paired with homemade dry rubs. Singapore’s first food truck, The Travelling C.O.W is pleased to launch its very own C.O.WABUNGA Beef Tray!

A glorious all-beef feast like no other, where a variety of five premium beef cuts from around the world paired with four homemade dry rubs are hand-delivered to the customer’s doorstep, making it a meat lover’s dream come true.

Lovers of all things meaty can indulge in the C.O.WABUNGA Beef Tray by The Travelling C.O.W at $168 which comes complete with an online Beef Journal of information about the beef, information about the beef, its origins, the brand’s proprietary homemade rubs and a customised cooking guide for each steak.

Those looking to level-up their meal can also choose from five tantalising sides ranging from $8 to $15. Expat Choice Readers may order online or visit C.O.WABUNGA’s Instagram and The Travelling C.O.W’s Facebook for more information.

A unique combination of cuts exclusively selected to showcase the nuances in texture and flavour of beef from around the globe, the five prized steaks in the C.O.WABUNGA Beef Tray by The Travelling C.O.W are presented on a wooden tray, chilled and vacuumed packed – ready to be marinated and devoured! *Best consumed within 2 days of delivery, freezing is not recommended.

Irish Dry Aged

Irish Dry Aged Ribeye Steak – As one of Ireland’s prime exports, Irish cattle are mainly grass-fed and pasture-raised on one of the best pasture lands in the world. Specially sourced from John Stone butchery in Longford, Ireland – known among chefs as the supplier of the finest Dry Aged Beef, this artisanal cut of dry-aged ribeye – matured on the bone – has a highly distinctive rich flavour, buttery texture and succulence. This steak is hardly found in Singapore, and is best flavoured with the Homemade Light Spice Smoked Paprika & Herb Rub.

Argentinian Sirloin

Argentinian Sirloin Steak – A key component to traditional Argentine cuisine is its world class beef. This cut is a prized steak of Frigorifico Rioplatense, one of the leading farms in Argentina that selects only the best Argentine British cattle. With its lean meat and rim of fat that adds flavour when cooked, this cut is perfect for the grill or barbecue.

Widely known for being incomparably tender and richly flavoured, this steak is best enhanced with a bright Chimichurri Rub that packs an herbaceous flavour, while red pepper flakes add a hint of spice.

U.S Prime Rib-eye

U.S. Prime Angus Ribeye Steak – Known for producing the best quality Black Angus beef available, 1855’s cattle are sourced from grain-rich areas of the Northern plains and are only harvested at optimum maturity for maximum tenderness. A product of dedicated family ranchers, this USDA Prime certified steak bares natural marbling, an unprecedented level of consistency and makes for the most flavourful and juicy beef.

To bring out the natural flavours of the cut, a special homemade TTC Ranch Rub consisting of fragrant seasoning is recommended as a marinade.

Japanese A3 Wagyu Sirloin Steak

Japanese A3 Wagyu Sirloin Steak – The most sought-after cut when it comes to a wagyu steak – with its full marbling and thin outer layer of fat around the edge, the Japanese A3 Wagyu Sirloin will never fail to yield succulent meat, with umami and rich mouthfeel. Blessed with abundant sunshine and natural surroundings of a warm tropical island, Kagoshima Black cattle produces the highest quantity of beef that comes out of Japan – full-bodied flavour with well-balanced fat marbling throughout the muscle fibres.

The best way to savour this delectable steak is to slice it into smaller pieces, sear on both sides with extra virgin olive oil; let the heat soften the marbling without
overcooking it, then lightly season with a sprinkling of salt and pepper.

Australian Tenderloin

Australian Tenderloin Steak – Blessed with pristine pastures and one of the most unpolluted environments, Australia produces one of the highest quality beef in the world. From the heart of Victoria’s pristine Great South Coast region, Midfield Farm’s beef is renowned for its superior quality and impeccable taste. This tenderloin steak is a lean cut that is perfect for grilling, especially when marinated with the homemade C.O.WABUNGA Rub.


12 October 2020
I did the entire "Travel the World" experience. First I prepared the 5 steaks, with the handmade rubs - and enjoyed a few red wines while doing so. My friends arrived and they simply had no idea what I was up to. I have a hint for first time cooks. You can easily cook each steak to a medium rare (about 2 minutes each side) and then wrap each one of them in a foil to keep them warm and as we know anything that rests will continue to cook. The instructions are all provided with the hand delivered order. Although, I am a steak cook so I did it my way.What a wonderful over experience. We cut the steaks into slices and shared the entire experience over wine, laughs and a view of the East Coast. Do I have a favourite? No way! Every single one of these International selected steaks has its own character. But I can tell all our readers...they are tender, delicious and filling for three people. Order up some of the sides to make the whole experience seamless. Enjoy