8 Fun and Unique Novelty Gift Ideas that are Actually Useful

Published - 10 August 2023, Thursday
  • Custom Underwear

Buying unique gifts can be a challenge. Maybe the person you’re shopping for has it all or maybe you don’t know them as well as you think. If you’re struggling with choosing the perfect gift, you can never go wrong with a novelty gift.

Novelty gifts are designed to be uber unique while packing a punch of humour. Take a look at some of the best novelty gifts on the market.

1. Custom Underwear

What’s funnier than customized undies? Whether slapping a picture of your face on a gifted thong or boxers or adding personalised messages, custom underwear is one of the most popular novelty gifts. If you don’t have the time to wait for personalised underwear, you can just as easily find silly undies that speak to your recipient’s personality and interests: sushi, Star Wars, wine, The Office, cycling, and the list goes on. Best of all, custom underwear is entirely useful!

2. Silly Socks

Similar to custom underwear, silly socks make great stocking stuffers or small gifts. Perfect for a man who dresses in slacks for work every day, silly socks add just the right touch of personality to professional attire. With a simple search engine search, you can easily find socks to match any personality; from favorite tv shows to sports teams and hobbies to professional interests, you’ll easily find socks complimentary to your recipient’s personality.

3. Personalised Bobblehead

Bobbleheads are funny little figurines with bouncing heads that essentially make a person look like a moving caricature. A fun little novelty gift, bobbleheads can be custom-made to resemble your gift recipient; however, if you need a gift in a pinch, you can easily find a bobblehead representing a favourite actor, athlete, politician, and beyond. A laughable little gift for an office mate’s desk, your favourite DJ’s booth, a dashboard, a windowsill, or any other flat surface, bobbleheads make excellent novelty gifts.

4. Wine Condoms

If you’re in the market for a great housewarming or host/hostess gift, wine condoms are a perfect idea. If you’ve ever come to the end of a night only to discover your opened bottle of wine is not yet empty, you’d appreciate wine condoms. Exactly what they sound like, wine condoms are airtight bottle stoppers that keep your favourite vino fresh well after popping your bottle. Humorously packaged to look just like a real prophylactic, this functional yet funny novelty makes a great gift.

5. Silicone Wine Glasses

Perfect for a birthday, holiday, or housewarming gift, silicone wine glasses are a great idea for wine enthusiasts. Available in tons of funky colours and patterns, silicone wine glasses are the safe way to imbibe at picnics, pool parties, and beyond. These glasses are also the best way to stave off the dreaded broken wine glass after a night full of spirits.

6. Dab Kit

Nothing says happy birthday, welcome home, or happy holidays better than the gift of epic smoking accessories. For example, an ornately and colourfully furnished dab kit not only makes a beautiful coffee table conversation piece but also a collectible that perfectly diffuses during each smoking session. If you think a new dab rig is a right gift for you, check out vendors such as Cheefkit which specialises in eclectic yet timeless smoke pieces.

7. Survival Kit

Whether shopping for your favourite doomsday prepper or a new driver or homeowner, survival kits make for a truly useful novelty gift. Survival kits run the gamut from weeks-long supply bags to compact emergency kits. Survival kits can be packed with first aid supplies, small tools, food rations, hangover remedies, and anything in between. With a little creativity, you can surely purchase or curate a much-appreciated survival kit suited for your gift recipient’s needs and/or lifestyle.

8. Chia Pet

Chia Pets make a silly gift that can easily brighten any space. A fun gift for plant lovers and hobbyists, Chia Pets are seed-to-plant kits that sprout in place of a terracotta figurine’s hair. A real plant but an iconic and laughable American gift, Chia Pets are great novelties for children and adults alike.


There are tons of possibilities for finding the perfect novelty gift. Whether you’re shopping for a birthday or a housewarming or anything in between, you should be able to find the perfect gift within this eclectic list. Unique gifts for smokers such as a beautiful dab rig or wholesome gifts for nearly anyone such as silly socks, any of these novelty gifts will surely bring a smile to someone’s face.​​​​​​​

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