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Video Credit : Farmers Market by Emma Pike

Emma Pike is a serial entrepreneur and after chatting with her, we think she always has been - and will be.

Having run her own business' since the age of 16, she loves to see an opportunity and run with it and that's what she has done with here baby - Farmer's Market - the Online Butcher success story Hong Kong and now Singaporean residents and expat shoppers just can't get enough of.

Emma started Farmer's Market, now Hong Kong's number One online butcher in 2016 with the aim to bring quality meat to the HK market at an affordable price.

Since starting the business it was quick to see that people didn't know much about the meat industry or the difference between grades of meat and more importantly - the quality of meat they were purchasing, which led Emma and her small dedicated team to educate customers on this so they could make the right choices when buying meat and seafood products - online.

Farmers Market

Farmers Market by Emma Pike Pork and Fennel Sausages

Farmer's Market brings in traceable, sustainable and affordable meat products from all over the world and delivers them to the doors of Hong Kong residents - and now Singapore residents - 5 days a week! 

The products are all naturally farmed from sustainable sources, and include fresh Australian beef, lamb, pork, salmon, chicken and duck. Farmer's Market seeks to bring restaurant quality products to the retail market at an affordable price, offering traceability and a high level of customer service.

Farmers Market

When Emma moved to Hong Kong 2005, she had access to quality meat at a reasonable price. But over the years, she noticed a decline in the quality without a reduction in price.

On a mission to know where the meat she was feeding her kids originated, Emma started importing product from Australia as a hobby and sharing with friends.

Farmers Market

As others caught wind of the venture, it expanded to become Farmer's Market. Emma can now share an explanation of meat grading systems, the differences between farmed and wild salmon, and advice around choosing the best fish and meat.

When you start you Farmer's Market Journey you will become well-educated on how to read labels and the importance of knowing where your meat originated.

So how does it work?

Premium Farm Fresh Australian meat products, home delivered 5 days a week with no minimum order. 

Orders over $150 delivered FREE and under $150 is only $20 for delivery. 

Deliveries are made using chilled trucks during the hours of 1pm-5pm Monday to Friday.

Farmer's Market meat and seafood is antibiotic & hormone free and are only sourced from sustainable and trustworthy sources that Emma and her team visit so you can be confident that you will get the same high quality products every time you order.

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14 October 2019
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