The Growth of Organic Rice Products in Thailand

Published - 02 February 2021, Tuesday

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Thailand Northern Province where Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai is known to have the most unique landscape in the region.

Surrounded by mountains on one side and the Mekong River on the other side, Northern Thailand is known to be one of the most fertile ground in Thailand. Sharing the border with Myanmar and Laos, this the area is known to be the most ethnically diverse region due to migration and also home to a significant minority of hill peoples also known as Hilltribe.

Facing with fierce competition from Vietnam and India as rice exporters, resulting in pressure in price and reducing the earning of the farmers, the farmers with the support of local business decided to focus on growing Organic Rice. Through Organic Rice Farming, the farmers can easily double their income and reduce their expenses as they do not need to buy pesticides in producing their harvest.

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One of the biggest companies that exporter organic rice in Thailand is Urmatt Limited. Working with 2,000 contract farmers in the Northern region including the Hilltribe farmers, they export Thailand organic rice to Singapore, Hong Kong, France, Switzerland and United States.

Organic Rice Pasta is one of the new ranges of product created from Organic Rice. Organic Rice Pasta is popular because it is gluten-free and vegan-friendly. With the increased growth of celiac disease worldwide, whether it is due to hereditary or change in our diets, there is a growing need for gluten-free products to cater for these group of consumers and people in general.

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Organic Rice Pasta comes in different kinds of coloured rice, Black, Brown & Red rice that are known to possess high nutritional value. Following the Singapore government’s “War on Diabetes” campaign (Ministry of Health;, the Ministry of Health has always been encouraging the consumption of black, brown & red rice because they have so much more health benefits to offer and less starch content than white rice.

Those coloured types of rice have a similar nutritional profile which they have great sources of fibre, vitamin B, calcium, iron and zinc, selenium, magnesium, manganese and other nutrients.

Forever Young Organic Chia Seeds

Tapping into the popular health foods of chia seeds, Thailand starts to grow organic chia seeds and even adding it to pasta blend, resulting in Organic Chia Pasta

Forever Young Organic Chia Pasta

With its high fibre content, chia seeds aids in digestion and for the body to balance insulin levels. Chia seeds will create a gelatin-like substance by slowing down the digestion process and keep the blood sugar in good balance.

Chia is high in healthy fats, where it contains Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids contribute to lowering bad cholesterol, improving heart functions and also reducing age-accelerating inflammation.

High content of Omega-6 also helps our body to absorb fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K, and they are also capable of reducing visceral adipose tissue, that aids in burning of belly fats.

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