Fun Facts: Guide to Organic and Natural Health Foods

Published - 02 February 2021, Tuesday

Hero Video: Forever Young Carob Strawberry Frozen Yoghurt

Founded in 1989, Forever Young Enterprise (S) Pte Ltd has become a well-known & established Organic and Natural Health Food provider in the industry.

Its strength lies in the high quality and effectiveness of the products as well as the depth of market penetration. In 2016, Forever Young extended its portfolio to tap into the E-Commerce market, working mostly directly with farmers and source Organic and Natural Food products beginning with Australia for E-Commerce distribution in Singapore and across Asia.

Forever Young Enterprises' objective is to curate and distribute excellent organic and Natural Food products to consumers in Singapore and the Asian Market with excellent value.

In What Ways Are Carobs Good For You?

Whereas it has a similar appearance and texture to cacao powder, carob powder has wonderful health properties people do not know of.

  • Low fat, in a cup of carob powder, only contains < 1g fats
  • No sodium, great for high blood pressure and stroke patients
  • High in calcium, with no oxalates. Unlike cacao powder that contains a high amount of oxalates
  • High in fibre, which helps you to stay fuller and to eat less
  • Gluten-free, for those who are sensitive to gluten
  • Caffeine-free, which makes it perfect for pet consumption and for those caffeine-sensitive

You can purchase Forever Young's Carob from here!

Royal Jelly For Royalties!

Did you know? Royal jelly has been around for ages and it was commonly used by royalties because they were known to promote a healthy and long life. Famous historical royalties and figures such as Egyptian Pharaohs, Pope Pius Xll and Princess Diana were known to consume royal jelly for longevity and youthful energy.

Up till this date, Queen Elizabeth (in her nineties) still uses royal jelly regularly to fend off fatigue. Interested in Forever Young's Queen Royal Royal Jelly? Get them here

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