Does The Price of Organic Produce Stress You Out?

Published - 02 February 2021, Tuesday
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I try to buy organic fruit and vegetables whenever possible to reduce the amount of harmful pesticides that my family consumes. Unfortunately, organic produce can be hard to find in Singapore and even if you can find it, other health issues can pop up such as a possible heart attack when you see the prices.

Even if you are able to get past the price, sometimes the organic produce that you are looking for just isn't available. That's why I love this all natural fruit and veggie wash. It's simple, cheap and I always have the ingredients on hand. All you need is some water and white vinegar. (Yes, it really is that simple.)

Some people prefer to spray their produce with a rinse to remove dirt, pesticides and all that nasty wax. But we go through a ton of berries in my house, and the thought of washing a pack of strawberries one by one sounds like a massive waste of time. So I use a soaking method, which is much more time efficient and I think more effective at removing all the nasties.

Just fill a bowl (or your kitchen sink, depending on how much produce you wish to clean) with 5 parts water and 1 part white vinegar. Soak your produce for 15 minutes, then rinse it off with water and dry. I've tried this wash on a number of different fruits and vegetables and never tasted a hint of vinegar on them once dry.

So don't let the price of organic produce stress you out. Just give your fruit and veg a soak and you are good to go.

Small Steps, Big Impact.

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