8 Toasties and the Best Wines Online to Pair

Published - 27 November 2020, Friday

The humble toasted sandwich has been our 'go-to' option for many a year, but it's time we lifted our 'toastie game' up a few notches. So, go gourmet AF and slap a glass of wine next to it.

With just a few specific ingredients, the right cheese, don't you dare skimp on the bread either and we'll offer you a pathway to a flavour sensation that you can enjoy, and DAMN WELL DESERVE (sorry, yelling) every day of the week. 

The wine styles we recommend for you to pair will enhance the experience of both the food and the wine. If you're vegetarian, most of these suggestions will still work 'sans' meat. But we've popped a next level vegan recipe in there for good measure. So dust off your sandwich press, polish your special glassware and pop on your chef hat. This is about to get all kinds of tasty...

The Tuna Melt  

Mix together in a bowl 1 large tin of tuna in chilli oil, 1 small tin of strained super sweet corn, sliced celery, whole egg mayo and cracked pepper. Spoon on to sourdough bread between thick slices of colby cheese. 

The best pairing must be a methode traditional sparkling.


The Pizza Toastie 

Roughly chop up half a red onion, 1 red capsicum and a large handful of pitted black olives. Select your favourite cut of salami (mild Hungarian works a treat). Use buffalo mozzarella as the cheese.  Be sure to spread some tomato paste on crusty ciabatta bread. 

Pair with a chianti classico.


The 'Sorta Kinda' Ruben 

Multiple thin slices of roast beef, sliced pickles, sauerkraut, sun dried tomatoes, a dash of dijon mustard, swiss cheese on wholemeal bread. 

Pair with a 'joven' style tempranillo.


The Smokin'  

Smoked chicken breast, fresh picked basil roughly chopped, caramelised onion, brie cheese and a thin layer of chipotle mayo between multigrain bread. 

Pair with a big bold buttery oaky chardonnay.





The Humble HCT 

Tripled smoked honey leg ham, sliced cherry tomatoes, tasty cheese, spring onions, a generous dose of cracked pepper. Add a small spread of whole egg mayo AND american style mustard on seeded bread to bring it to the next level. 

Pair with Provence style rosé.


The Anti Pasto 

From the deli : Slices of marinated eggplant and artichoke hearts. Super thin slices of quality prosciutto. Use a nutty cheese like a Parmigiano-Reggiano and a dark rye bread. 

Pair with nebbiolo, you can thank me later.


The Loaded Bacon

Fry up way too much thinly sliced bacon. Remove from pan. Add slices of mushroom and cook in the rendered bacon fat. Add bacon back to the pan along with sliced cherry tomatoes, tomato chutney and fresh chopped parsley on light rye. 

Pair with a juicy grenache.


The Vegan 

A toastie of poached pear with a balsamic glaze, crushed walnuts, chopped spinach and cashew cheese on gluten free bread. 

Pair with a pinot gris, and you'll be a happy camper.

So are you hungry yet?  Me too, gotta get toasting.  


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