The Most Popular Engagement Ring Styles, Country by Country

Published - 10 August 2023, Thursday
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Originally, the concept of engagement rings sprouted from ancient Egypt. The Egyptians believed in the exchange of engagement rings as an eternal commitment. They wore these rings in their left hands as it contains the vein known as Vena Amoris.

The named vein runs directly to the heart. Thus, symbolising an embedded connection of the two engaged individuals. However, with time, the tradition spread over other countries and became most dominant in the UK and USA.

Following this, it became so popular that it began spreading to other countries. And every country began adapting to the culture in its ways. Today, you’d find a unique engagement ring style in every country. Here are a few examples:


Most people in Australia live by a very different set of wedding traditions, which may not involve engagements. However, a significant portion of the Australian population also celebrates the engagement ceremony with specific kinds of engagement rings, including oval diamond engagement rings, cushion cut engagement rings, as well as rings featuring central gemstone and diamonds as side stones.


In India, engagement is more of a fun event than a serious event. In some households and families, it’s not even compulsory! So, when it comes to engagement rings, the choice depends more on the bride than anyone or anything else.

Usually, brides in India prefer gold jewels, so the most popular type of engagement ring in India is none other than gold. Followed by this, coloured-gems rings and platinum rings are the second-best options offered by Indian jewellers.


Malaysia’s take at engagement rings is rather interesting. Here people find it more convenient to make specific changes to a trending ring design rather than choosing a highly unique design altogether. For this very reason, some of the very popular engagement ring designs are as follows:

  • Polaris Blythe Diamond Ring
  • Twisted Blue Sapphire Stone Ring
  • Wera Diamond Ring
  • Lia 6 Prongs Diamond Ring

As the names suggest, diamond engagement rings are more popular in Malaysia than any other type of ring. Following this, stones like sapphire and emerald are preferred.


Singapore’s engagement is not as lighthearted as in India and Malaysia. People in Singapore are rather serious and serene when it comes to engagements. However, their choices wouldn’t tell you so. Instead of diamonds and gold, Singapore jewellers seem to be offering more gemstone engagement rings. And that’s mostly because of people’s demand.


By now, we’ve mentioned a couple of times about engagement ceremonies' significance in the USA. Perhaps, engagements are dealt with most seriously and religiously in the very country.

An average engagement lasts for about 12 to 18 months. However, the ceremony itself is grand, and more importantly, romantic. It takes a lot of planning to decide the right decor, venue, and of course, the engagement ring.

As of yet, the most popular engagement ring style in the USA is the traditional one-stone diamond ring. But newer brands have begun promoting fancier designs with smaller diamonds on the sides of the rings and twisted and styled ring bands. Since a good diamond ring could be expensive, couples also prefer rings with gemstones.

With that said, you’re likely to find the best morganite engagement rings here, especially in a diamond halo ring style. Sapphire, ruby, and topaz are other popular choices.


Thailand is a land of thorough traditions, and so engagement rings are synonymous with diamond rings. Young about-to-be couples prefer getting a diamond ring to mark the beginning of their journey together.

The preferred engagement ring designs include both solitaire stone rings and halo styles. Some of the best places in Thailand for engagement rings are Chinatown and Mahboonkrong. And the best duration of purchase is April & September. That’s because the Gem & Jewelry Fair occurs during these months in Bangkok. Here you'll be able to get some good discounted deals.


The western culture of engagement ceremonies and rings has also crossed the borders and penetrated deep into Pakistani culture as well. Also termed as Mangni, this is a ceremony wherein the couple’s families exchange gifts and the couple itself exchanges rings.

However, unlike India, the prevalent engagement ring style in Pakistan is the halo diamond ring. Or diamond rings with side stones. Often, the engagement rings in Pakistan are a combo of gold and diamond.


The Japanese term their engagement ceremony as Yuino. Traditionally, this is a ceremony of acceptance wherein the groom-to-be's and bride-to-be’s family exchange gifts and have a feast together.

Although the gifts exchanged are usually traditional, including Naganoshi, Shiraga, Konbu, Surname, couples also exchange engagement rings in the present day. And the preferred style is influenced by the West too. The Japanese prefer to pave diamond rings, solitaire diamond rings, or rings with side stones.


Engagement ceremonies in Indonesia are held about three to twelve months earlier than the actual wedding event. And the ring exchange here is rather interesting. Instead of the couple exchanging the ring, it’s the mothers that make the ceremony possible. The bride’s mother puts the engagement ring on the groom’s finger, while the groom’s mother puts the engagement ring on the bride’s finger.

As for the engagement ring styles, the most preferred style is a diamond ring with side stones. Often, the ring comes supported with white gold. Indonesian celebrities are also known for bringing in a unique style of engagement rings. They’ve introduced heart-shaped rings, double row rings, and whatnot! If you seek something innovative, keep an eye on the Indonesian ring market!

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