5 Keys to Asian Lifestyle You Want to Know About

Published - 10 August 2023, Thursday
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It is no secret that Asia has a very rich and thorough culture of exquisite depth. People worldwide love to travel and explore the collective and diverse traditions of Asia and truly enjoy the diversity of the region.

Aspects including music, food, lifestyle, philosophy, politics as well as religion in Asia has been practised and maintained by a diverse range of ethnic groups.

Asia includes 48 countries and has caught the attention of people around the globe due to its drastic economic growth. Not only is economic growth, the only appealing factor, but Asia also holds a lot of gems in its lifestyle, culture as well as history.

Asia has a massive land portion and is considered the most populous region is home to a variety of religion and a deep-rooted culture. The people of Asia are truly attached to their homeland, and it is difficult for them to move elsewhere. You will observe a number of ethnic races and people belonging from various countries with their distinct traits and preferences.

Surprising Facts about Asia

Not only is Asia huge, but also home to some amazing landscapes, delicious food, and the oldest culture with fascinating architecture. Let's have a look at a few unusual and exciting facts about Asia that you probably didn't know before:

·         Singapore has a building inspired by the famous 'Star Wars' called The Sandcrawler

·         Kyoto, Japan, has over 100 temples

·         The fourth most populous country in the world is located in Asia, Indonesia

·         Asia is home to the world's largest flower called Rafflesia

Tourist attractions including Angkor Wat, Cambodia, Great Wall of China, Ha Long Bay, Vietnam, Mt Fuji, Japan (pre-covid) attracted thousands of visitors every year because of the appealing landscapes and fascinating views.

Let's Explore Asian Lifestyle

Are you interested in travelling in or to Asia? Ever wondered what it is to be like an Asian? What are the people like? Whether it is a good idea to travel to Asia or not? These questions would be answered by the end of this article. We have listed down a few keys to the Asian Lifestyle that makes Asia distinguishable from others; let's have  a look:

1.    Hospitality of Asians

Have you noticed the change in the attitude of people around you lately? With the hectic routines and fast-paced lives, people have forgotten to take time for each other. It is rather normal for us to avoid meeting people and continue to live as a working machine. However, Asian culture still values, giving time to friends and family.

The people of Asia are welcoming and take time for their friends and family happily and willingly. If you are visiting Asian countries, you will notice that people like to meet each other, and despite having careers, they like to hang out and interact with people.

Asian people are famous for being culturally educated, kind, and giving. Due to the hospitality that has increased the demands of hospitality services in the region. Tourists worldwide like to visit Asian countries because of the warmth and love they receive in this part of the world.

In social media, Asian people prefer real-life friendships over Facebook friendships. As a tourist or an outsider, you will thoroughly enjoy the hospitality and nature of Asians. This is one of the prime reasons that Asia is famous for millions of travelers and tourists.

2.  Family Structure

Another prominent lifestyle aspect of Asia is the strong family structure widely observed in Asian countries. Most of the households include three generations where the kids live with their parents and grandparents.

The Asian culture has a strong emphasis on family structure and has a close-knit relationship throughout the families. Both the maternal and paternal families, including aunts and uncles, have a strong bonding with each other.

The deep family bond results in a feeling of togetherness, so Asian countries are categorized as collectivist countries. The families truly believe in supporting each other and have a welcoming behavior towards each other. This sense of togetherness helps individuals to stay connected to their roots.

3.  Food

Talking about Asia, how can we miss the rich and exquisite flavors widely used in Asia? No mention of Asia is complete without its food, and people around the globe specifically travel to Asia just for the food.

Although the cuisines vary from country to country; however, a few ingredients commonly used throughout the continent are rice, ginger, garlic, sesame seeds, chilies, and fried onions.

The culinary tradition of Asia is diverse and equally impressive; other than a wide variety of foods in sweet as well as sour and spicy, there is a wide range of color and smell that makes the food even more interesting.

4.  Festivals

Asian is well-known for its festivals, which are grand and festive. The Asian festivals are mainly cultural as well as religious, which are celebrated with enthusiasm and fervor. The festivals reflect the culture, traditions as well as religious practices.

In Muslim majority areas, you will observe festivals of Eid and Ramadan and while other Asian parts have Holi, Diwali, Baisakhi, and Dusshera, Onam and Christmas. These cultural, as well as religious festivals, are celebrated with exemplary presentation and with the culture of extensive enthusiasm.

It is the festivals of Asia that become a center of attention for several tourists. These festivals are not only enjoyable but depict history and traditions that the Asians continue to celebrate over centuries.

5.  Religion

Several religions are being practiced in Asia as it the birthplace of multiple religions. A few of these religions are:

·         Buddhism

·         Christianity, 

·         Confucianism, 

·         Hinduism,

·         Islam, 

·         Jainism,

·         Judaism,

·         Shintoism,

·         Sikhism, 

·         Taoism

These religions are strongly reflected in the culture of Asians, and you will see a lot of temples, shrines, mosques, and churches throughout the region. In the Muslim majority area, prayer times are indicated by the call to prayer, 5 times a day (also known as adhaan). Whereas, in the Hindu majority areas, you will observe bells ringing in the temples every morning.

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