Mondrian Singapore Duxton Provocateurs Welcome

Published - 10 August 2023, Thursday

How do you capture the mood, the mantra and the ethos of a hotel experience set to break new ground in art-forward cool when you haven't even opened your doors? How do you distill the flavour of your friends in Singapore’s most happening, IYKYK neighbourhood?

Turns out you make a movie. Well, a short film. Mondrian Singapore Duxton introduces Provocateurs Welcome, the spirit of what they're all about. The purveyors of art, glamour and culinary flair in the heart of Chinatown.

Provocateurs Welcome offers a glimpse into a world that will become the fresh new face of hospitality in the Lion City and the new sanctuary for the artists, dreamers, mavericks and different drummers. A taste of what’s to come, and an introduction to what awaits.

Yasmin, Ah Seng & Jun No Sleep Club

The film is a clarion call to get on board, and a prompt to become one with the gang of groovers and shakers, confronters and disrupters who are shaking things up and turning Mondrian and the Duxton Hill neighbourhood into the place to be.

Ready to meet the guerillas in the midst and the city's wild at heart? Mondrian is as much about community as it is hospitality, so Mondrian have roped in some of they favourite creative boundary breakers from the Chinatown neighbourhood scene to star.


Demon barbers named after spectral hounds; cocktail alchemists from No Sleep Club; fashion influencer and Tastemaker General Jamie QQ; culinary visionary Andrew Walsh, connoisseurs of objects d’art; greyscale vagabonds of the tattoo milieu; culture creators at Mandala Club and other like-minded, beautifully rebellious people. You’ll encounter Ah Seng, Mondrian’s staff bistro manager with a difference, whose story will melt your heart even if his appearance quickens your pulse.

Simone Dyson, Jamie QQ & Andrew Walsh Cure

General Manager and provocateur-in-chief Robert C.Hauck says: “I hope you enjoy this little taste of what we are about. We are on a mission to shake things up with a fresh and unexpected approach. It’s a paradigm shift. I hope you’ll come along for the ride.”​​​​​​​

The Mondrian Singapore Duxton is now open for room reservations and restaurant bookings.

The opening offer includes 30% off the best available rate, complimentary breakfasts, guaranteed late checkout and $30 Mondrian credits for use at the hotel’s food & beverage outlets.

Book here: Mondrian Singapore Duxton

Life more Mondrian awaits. Provocateurs are welcome.

a. 16A Duxton Hill, Singapore 089970

e. [email protected]



t. +65 6019 8888

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