The Aviary Hotel A Tropical Oasis of Understated Luxury in Siem Reap

Published - 29 November 2023, Wednesday
  • Hotel exterior & Rooftop Pool

Decked out with thoughtfully-designed, avian-inspired custom furniture and artwork by local craftsmen and artisans, 43-room boutique establishment The Aviary Hotel is a celebration of the beauty and diversity of Cambodia’s culture, art and wildlife. Since January 2020, eighteen Sambok Deluxe Plus Rooms and a four-metre by 20-metre rooftop pool – on top of its existing ground floor pool – have been added to the hotel.

With a vision to see The Aviary Hotel becoming a dynamic and avant-garde hotel, General Manager Joffrey Thin-Gris, shares, “Since our opening in 2015, we have always strived to outdo ourselves year on year. We work frequently with local artisans to build a hotel that represents and celebrates authentic Khmer culture and art. Our new Sambok rooms and rooftop pool are no exception.”


Tailorbird Standard & Sarus Crane Suite Room

The Aviary Hotel’s 43 rooms are categorised into four room types – the Sambok, Tailorbird, Kingfisher, and Sarus Crane – all of which are unique in its configurations and decor, yet harmoniously strung together with subtle luxury as its core design motivation. The new Sambok wing – meaning “nest” – anchors the hotel’s breezy and elegant avian-inspired aesthetic. Every piece of furniture or artwork in the rooms is thoughtfully and purposefully curated and displayed. Rooms range from 50-sqm to 55-sqm in size.

Natural elements for a minimalist and classy touch

Sambok Room King

With a clear artistic vision, General Manager Joffrey works intimately with local architects, craftsmen and artisans to realise his dream. In the Sambok rooms, one would find plush, emerald green velvet lounge chairs, sustainably-sourced wooden desks, cabinets, and headboards and touches of traditionally durable and beautiful elements such as brass, twine and terrazzo enfolded by clean, minimalist white walls. An organically-shaped display rack in muted pink adds a soft touch to the space.

“Feather” desk lamp by Cambodia-based fashion designer, Eric Raisina Subtle but intricate upon inspection are the custom-made furniture and accessories in the Sambok rooms. Placed inconspicuously in the living space is Eric Raisina’s Feather desk lamp. A Cambodia-based fashion designer known for experimenting with juxtaposing textiles in his work, Eric Raisina infuses his boldness and creativity into the organza silk lamp that is held up by brass duck feet stands, which adds a hint of quirky fun to the elegant space.

Sambok Room Living Area

Delicate avian-themed metal artwork are accentuated against clean, white walls Similarly, French-Cambodian fashion designer Sirivan Chak Dumas’ luxuriously smooth rayon bathrobes are made exclusively for guests in the Sambok rooms. Other notable decor include Jayav Art sculptures of blue birds made from papier-mâché perched gracefully on tabletops, and handcrafted metal artwork inspired by local bird species and fauna by local blacksmith, The Iron Workshop, fitted purposefully on the walls.

The Sambok rooms include a sleeping area, living space, bathroom with tub and an outdoor space or balcony that looks out to a garden of lush greenery. Sunlight pours generously from the balconies, making it a dream for guests who desire to dine and lounge in the great outdoors.

Chirpy and brightly-coloured interiors with a touch of sophistication in the Sambok Deluxe Plus Room bathroom


Painted a happy, powder blue, with beautiful terrazzo and granite flooring and surfaces, the bathrooms fitted with bathtubs prove that there is no detail too small for The Aviary Hotel when ensuring all guests are perfectly pampered during their stay.

Likewise, with cable channels on a 42-inch television, a DVD player, bluetooth speaker, minibar and coffee press, the Sambok rooms cater to the first-world nomad that wants to disconnect and revel in the stillness of the urban oasis while keeping his finger on the pulse of the latest happenings in the world. Likewise, guests would never have to miss a beat with their travel companions next door in connecting rooms exclusively available in the Sambok category.

Rooftop Pool

Besides the Sambok rooms, another noteworthy addition is the four-metre by 20-metre rooftop pool. Surrounded by lush greenery, earth-toned brollies and lounge chairs accentuated by vibrant yellow towels, and an unobstructed view of the Cambodian sunrise and sunset, the inviting turquoise pool is a refreshing, personal space within the hotel.

Guests can unwind with a cocktail in hand as they gaze into the peach-toned horizon painted by the setting sun

Guests looking for more may also pop by the Amret Spa, run by Sokkhak Spa – one of the most coveted spas in Siem Reap – located right next to the rooftop pool. With masseuses trained by Cambodian master of Khmer massage, Mr Kan, guests can have their pick of services such as a four hands massage, characterised by a combination of gentle kneading and long strokes, and emerge revitalised.


The Aviary Square

In its pursuit to celebrate Cambodian art and culture, The Aviary Hotel has introduced its newest dining and retail concept, The Aviary Square, which houses highly-curated and coveted lifestyle brands. It is well-positioned on a street known for Siem Reap’s top luxury hotels and is perfect for retail therapy, intimate conversations and contemplation.

Housing highly-curated and coveted lifestyle brands, The Aviary Square is a notable pit-stop just a stone’s throw away from Siem Reap’s busy Pub Street

The Aviary Square Hit List:

Fumizen – Tonkatsu restaurant Fumizen hails from Japan. This is its first foray into Cambodia; it specialises in quality tonkatsu – breaded, deep-fried pork cutlet served with shredded cabbage, rice and miso soup.

The Flock Cafe – The Flock Cafe serves cafe fare and pastries along with coffee and fresh juices in a chilled space overlooking generous greenery.

Eric Raisina – Eric Raisina is a couture house that is known for its deft handling of colours and Cambodian silk. Eric is Madagascan, trained in Paris, and now calls Siem Reap home. The duplex store greets you with a colourful and playful selection of prêt-à-porter, as well as a good selection of silk scarves, as you enter. For those in need of couture, make your way up to the salon on the second floor for an appointment to have something made to order.

Sirivan Concept Store – Sirivan Concept Store, fronted by Cambodian designer Sirivan Chak Dumas who spent a few decades in France, peddles Sirivan’s ready-to-wear, and is also a lifestyle store that retails fashion accessories, cool gadgets and even tabletop accessories and homeware.

Smateria - Smateria means to transform a material and give it new life. Its originality lies within the unconventional materials that it uses. They take inspiration from our urban and local surroundings and create bags and accessories made from recycled, upcycled and repurposed materials. Their IKI collection is made of industrial packaging waste that would usually be burnt and released into the air that we breathe.

They transform this plastic waste into a new and durable material. The Nylon NET collection, on the other hand, is a multipurpose material mainly used for fishing or in the construction field. Thriving ethical brand Smateria loves playing with the different colours and layers them to obtain endless combinations of colours and textures.

All items are 100% ethically made in Cambodia with an Italian flair, using high quality and durable materials. Additionally, Smateria has its own micro-factory which allows it to be in full control of the production process and conditions, to never compromise on quality and to provide decent human working conditions. For bags with soul, look no further than Smateria.​​​​​​​

Ambre – Raised and trained in Paris, Cambodian fashion designer Romyda Keth has a huge local and regional following. Cambodians and tourists flock to her store for evening dresses, especially of those that feature her statement motif – intricate appliqued ribbons.

The Aviary Hotel continues to take big strides towards its vision of becoming the gateway to Cambodian art and culture. Rates for the Sambok rooms start from USD$113++ per night.

a. 9 Preah Sangreach Tep Vong St, Krong Siem Reap 171202, Cambodia

e. [email protected]



t. +855 63 767 876


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