Where to Go When: Your Month by Month Honeymoon Calendar

Published - 29 January 2023, Sunday
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You are not going to get a second honeymoon. And well, we mean that more theoretically than mathematically. You may have multiple trips with your beloved later in life. But those trips wouldn’t offer the first-time experience wherein you truly get to know each other.

The experience of exploring each other’s likes and dislikes and unravelling one another’s unfiltered, raw, travelling-oriented self. And so that justifies why exactly you should be planning your first trip together for at least a year.

Here are the best honeymoon destinations for each month so as to help you craft a perfect honeymoon calendar for the entire year! Remember, we only present our take. It’s on you to be as creative and innovative with these honeymoon ideas to give your trip together a custom touch!


January is a relatively cold month. It’s not the chilly December cold, but it’s not the warm and sunny March either.  Our best recommendations for January include the Caribbean, Maldives, Africa, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, Phuket, and Costa Rica. The warm and tropical destinations offer a romantic environment.

You could perhaps book yourselves a luxury resort and indulge in exciting activities like snorkeling in the seawater. In Tanzania (Africa), you will get to witness loads of wildlife since January is a month of migration for most animals.


February is the month of romance! And certainly, the perfect time to visit Hawaii, South Africa, and Egypt. The temperature is pleasant, and there are lots to explore. Paris is a more-than-perfect pick for February but be warned that it may cost you quite a lot since a lot of couples head to Paris to celebrate their love in February (which also means it’s going to be crowded!).

Some of the places that we’ll recommend avoiding include Madagascar and Mauritius since they are at a high risk of cyclones. Places like Indonesia and Polynesia may witness heavy rain, which may wreak havoc on your supposed-to-be-fun honeymoon.


If the mention of rainfalls and our recommendation to avoid them breaks your heart for February, then here: try India in March. The pleasant monsoon season will make up for your rain cravings.

The temperature in Europe is pleasant too so you could try Italy as well. Take a trip to Gondola Serenade with your beloved or enjoy ballet and opera performances in Theatre La Fenice. Cuba, Argentina, and the Maldives are some other potential options. Miami offers an energetic environment in March too. If you and your significant other are party animals, then you’d love it!

Canada and Kenya are two places we’d recommend avoiding in March. And that’s mainly because of the temperature.


April is the blooming month. It surely calls for a visit to Amsterdam, where the movie-like tulip fields will offer you perfect surroundings to celebrate your love. Bora Bora, Crete, Washington, and Florida are also just the right amount of sunny. You might want to pay a visit and benefit from both weather and astounding deals during April.


May is the month you can make the best of your money. That’s because May’s the time when several places are welcoming the wet season while others are welcoming the dry season. The transition period offers some thrilling weather and temperatures in all places. Thus, affecting the overall experience. The best place to visit in May is none other than Greece and its islands. Along with an ideal temperature, there’s a minimal crowd on the streets and loads of discount offers, which again helps you enjoy the trip to your fullest.


Heatwaves are common in June in the Middle East. So, that’s what you have to avoid. But speaking of the best honeymoon places for June, then Cuba, the Caribbean, and Europe will do best. Ireland and Greece are also at their peak beauty during June, while Brazil offers sweet temperatures like 25 degrees (Celsius).


We’d recommend exploring some heights during July. You could head to the National Parks of America and go climbing. You could climb up high altitudes without worrying a bit about the temperatures. We wouldn’t recommend New York and Senegal, as these places experience immense heat waves during July. Indonesia and Peru are also two excellent honeymoon destinations for July.


August is the month for Bali – the celebrity of all honeymoon destinations! The temperature lies between 20 degrees to 33 degrees, offering a pleasant monsoon environment. You could explore the lush volcanic island with its exquisite rivers, beaches, and mesmerising architecture. Or perhaps this could be your time to explore the wonders of Madagascar.


Early fall is perfect for a visit to England or Japan. You could go strawberry-picking, climb Ben Navis, or perhaps tour a vineyard. Brighton Beach is also great to explore during your time in England.


The perfect, budget-friendly destination for October is none other than Turkey. You could choose a scenic teahouse and go on a tea date or explore the harems at Topkapi Palace. Visiting and studying the mosaics of Mosque Hagia Sophia is a must!


The slight chill of November calls for a trip to Morocco. Here, you can visit Jardin Majorelle or get yourself a romantic and dreamy hot-air balloon ride.


Picking a good honeymoon destination for December may be a challenging task as the chills of this month don’t leave much room for fun. You could perhaps go natural skiing in the Alps in Europe or Colorado in the US.​​​​​​​

Final Thoughts

Of course, there are loads more places to explore out there. And loads within you two as well! We bet you’re going to find even a year log honeymoon too short for the trip. Nevertheless, it’s surely your best bet! Happy cherishing one another!

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