Become a Kick-Ass Affiliate Marketer on Shopify Just Like Expat Choice Founder John Gordon and Work from Anywhere

Published - 23 August 2023, Wednesday
  • John Gordon

Exciting news for the next big thing in affiliate marketing: you! If you want to establish a name for yourself in the world of online business, learning to use Shopify and becoming a top-notch affiliate marketer are both excellent strategies. It would be nice to be able to work remotely like John Vincent Gordon the creator of Expat Choice, the premier aggregated content marketing platform which features lifestyle news from Singapore, Sydney, and Ballina - Byron Bay - Lismore and the Hinterland surrounds in Far Northern New South Wales.

Let's dig into eight proven strategies for achieving affiliate marketing success and achieving geographical independence.

1. Pick Your Market Carefully

The first step is to identify a specific field that truly interests you. Like Expat Choice, which focuses on lifestyle material, you should look for a niche that is relevant to your own interests. This enthusiasm is what will drive your efforts and keep you interested in affiliate marketing even when the going gets tough.

2. Find High-Performing Items and Study Them

Collaborating with Shopify will allow you to find products that have a history of converting customers into buyers. Try to find products that are helpful in some way, much as the articles featured on Expat Choice.

3. Create an Associate Website.

Build a Shopify store that speaks to your target audience. The success of Expat Choice can be attributed to the fact that it provides a streamlined content delivery system. Your website ought to show the same degree of consideration.

4. The Importance of Engaging Content

Create interesting material that emphasises why people should buy your wares. Learn from Expat Choice's example and collect content that will appeal to your target demographic. Disseminate helpful observations, suggestions, and answers that pertain to your speciality.

5. Make use of Search Engine Optimisation SEO Techniques

Using appropriate keywords, you may make your content a magnet for search engines. In the same way that Expat Choice's hand-picked recommendations are at the top of the search results, your content should be easy to find when users are looking for answers in your particular field.

6. Construct a Receptive Audience

Use mediums like social media, email, and blogs to interact with your target market. Like the creator of Expat Choice, cultivate a dedicated fan base that puts their faith in your judgement.

7. Advertise in an Honest and Authentic Manner

Maintain the integrity of Expat Choice's brand by providing truthful product information. Like Expat Choice, you need people to take you seriously as an authority in your field and trust the advice you give them.

8. Examine and Enhance

You should evaluate your progress and make adjustments to your approach on a regular basis. Success in curated content and affiliate marketing requires constant development, and Expat Choice is proof that this is possible.

You now have the knowledge to follow these eight steps and become a powerful affiliate marketer on Shopify while enjoying the freedom to work from anywhere you like. Just as the creator of Expat Choice was able to find success in affiliate marketing by curating content and distributing it in other regions, so too can you. 

Time to get to work on your ascent to affiliate marketing super stardom by studying Expat Choice's successful model. There is a bright and prosperous future in store for you.

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