What to Look for in a Travel Bluetooth Speaker

Published - 10 August 2023, Thursday
  • Travel Bluetooth Speaker

Reviews for portable Bluetooth speakers can be ubiquitous and sometimes contain irrelevant information. When you look at speaker descriptions and reviews, here are the most important features to look out for.

1. Size and weight

When traveling with luggage, the lighter is always better. But you want to consider not only the weight of the speakers, but also the measurement. The goal is to keep the speaker powerful, but take up as little space as possible.

2. Durability

In addition to keeping your speaker plane out of your carry-on luggage, consider where you are using it. Can this be done through your mountain biking excursion?

How is the beach affected by sand? If it falls into the pool, will it still work? Does it accidentally fall off the table? These are things to consider before buying your speakers, not later.

3. Sound quality

You need a speaker that delivers the best all-sound. Sound levels are not only important, they perform well without distorted sound. Often we can't test the speaker before we buy it.

The best thing you can do is check the sound output instead and make sure it has a wide frequency frequency frequency HZ measurement. In general, a sound output of about 20 watts indicates good performance quality.

4. Battery life

The type of travel you are making and where you are using the speakers will determine the minimum battery life you should consider. Most speakers offer between 6 - 10 hours of playback.

If you have hotels or hostels where you can recharge your speakers regularly, battery is not an important issue. If you are doing this on a camping trip, you need to make sure that the battery mid-song dies, without you there is no way to recharge.

5. Voice control

This is a feature that many people admire. You can not only control the melody with your voice, but it is very useful when traveling. If you need to do a fast internet search for items like restaurants or attractions, some speakers will serve as your Alexa or Google Assistant.

6. Bluetooth Range

This is a personal preference, based on which you usually feel away from your speaker.

7. Weatherproof / Waterproof

Speakers rated IPX7 Water, Sand, Dust, and Frost resistance. IPX7-rated speakers are perfect for things like pool parties and hikes because you do not have to worry about them getting wet if they meet with you on your pool float and you do not have to worry if they get a little dirty.

Hiking trails. These are usually the most durable speakers you will find and they are designed to follow you through countless journeys.

8. Ability to connect to other speakers

If your speaker is used at parties or outdoors, look for a portable Bluetooth speaker that works loudly. While most travel speakers may not have a head-scratching sound, the best thing you can do is make sure your speakers are capable of being "daisy-canceled". This allows it to connect to other audio devices to make louder noise.

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