Keep Travel Alive! Stories of the South | S1 EP3 Ocean Enigma

Published - 10 August 2023, Thursday

Hayden Richards, recognisable as @sa_rips on Instagram, and Rich to everyone else, is one of the world's most enigmatic surf and ocean photographers. Video Credit: South Australia

He famously scales the towering cliffs of the Great Australian Bight where self-installed ropes and ladders aid his perilous launch into the Southern Ocean’s engine room of huge swells. It’s inaccessible and inhospitable, but his obsession is nature’s raw and rugged beauty.

Colloquially referred to as the White Highway, these waters are some of Australia’s sharkiest, but Rich’s dedication is driven by the images in his mind’s eye, and he’s enticed into this dangerously beautiful playground every day.

Keep Travel Alive! Stories of the South​​​​​​​

He admits it’s equally "the most heavenly and scariest place on earth". Rich’s wonder for the natural world is inspirational. He has an admiration for organic detail most would unconsciously overlook, and his wandering soul has gifted him the patience and artistry to capture this landscape unlike anyone before him.

For every enviable day of Rich’s lifestyle spent swimming, surfing and exploring, he has unintentionally photographed his canvas of the Great Australian Bight into a series of digital masterpieces.

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