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Eating disorder is a mental issue where people are affected by abnormal eating habits that are detrimental to their health. It can occur in anyone regardless of age, tribe, or cultural identity.

What's more worrying about eating disorders is that it doesn't have a definitive cause — there's no scientific explanation for why it occurs. It is a mental disorder that can lead to depression and death if not monitored well.

There are several types of eating disorders like binge eating disorder, where people eat a large amount of food in a short period of time. There's anorexia nervosa, where the fear of gaining weight forces people to stay away from food. Others include bulimia nervosa; (which is when people eat large amounts of food and try to purge themselves of the food immediately) and pica, which is when people consume non-food items that can be dangerous to the body.

Living with someone suffering from an eating disorder can be tough. If you're not the tolerant and patient type, you'll end up feeling very frustrated and sad.

Victims of eating disorders are most likely those who have been conditioned to believe that a slim body is the best kind of body. Anorexia, for example, is common among dancers, gymnasts, and models. Their occupation mostly requires them to be slim and "shapely," which is why they sometimes take desperate measures to remain in shape; else, they lose their jobs.

Fortunately, most of these disorders can be treated through therapy, medical treatment, and counseling. With a proper diet, victims can go back to having healthy eating habits.

It's the holiday season, and you'll love to spend it with your family, friends, or loved ones. One thing is, however, bothering you — you have someone who is suffering from an eating disorder. Nothing beats the fun of going out with that special person to eat as much as you like without having to worry about anything. As a matter of fact, eating disorders can turn a lively family holiday into a drag and a bore. But then, you need to spend quality time with a friend or family member who's undergoing an eating disorder treatment. So, how do you go about it?


Educate yourself

The first thing to do when you want to have a great holiday with a patient of eating disorders is to educate yourself on what eating disorders are. As explained above, eating disorders come in various forms, and it's causes are not definitive. Understanding the role of social class and moral expectations is important. You must also know that the patients are not happy with the way they are — they do not wish to have that disorder. You must know what type of disorder your family, friend, or parent is suffering from. You can help yourself by reading up on eating disorders and finding out the best ways to support such a person. Clear any misconception or myth you have about eating disorders. This will help you understand your partner better without you making any avoidable mistakes.

Know what and what not to say

It's fantastic to compliment your loved ones in a harmless, subtle way, but when it comes to people suffering from an eating disorder, you must be careful. These people are always sensitive to statements, and the way they interpret compliments can be very different. Compliments about their bodies can trigger their anxiety and insecurity. Avoid compliments like "You look amazing now your cheeks are filling out," "Wow! You have put a bit of weight on." These statements, though harmless, can massively affect the person's thoughts. Make general compliments like "Your hair looks amazing," "you have a very beautiful smile," etc. Try all you can to avoid commenting on their weight at any point in time, especially when they are still recovering.

Minimize your discussions about food

Food is the number one trigger of anxiety and fear among patients suffering from eating disorders. Discussions about food make them uncomfortable, especially when it gets too much. When you're spending quality time with them, discuss other things like sports, fashion, etc. Take their mind away from the fact that they are suffering from an eating disorder. Go out for a walk, get a drink, or eat some snacks along the way. This method works primarily for those with binge eating disorder. Taking their mind away from food makes them forget about eating at all, and this is one way of preventing them from eating too much food.

Be responsive and supportive all the time

People who suffer from eating disorders tend to complain a lot about the way they are. It's your job as a friend, family, or partner to listen to them without criticizing them. Let them talk about how they feel, and make sure you're always giving them words of encouragement. Be there for them anytime they need you, and you should always try to have fun with them.

Go out for games and fun

Games and fun are ways you can help that partner or friend of yours have a good time. When you play games, even video games as csgo they are more responsive and are willing to have fun with you. You can use the games as a form of effort pact that leads them to precommitment. A card game might suffice where you both have to eat a snack or take a spoon of a good meal whenever you lose your turn. This is an excellent incentive for people with anorexia to eat without fear.


Spending an enjoyable holiday with someone going through an eating disorder treatment requires patience and understanding. You must make extra, conscious efforts at all times, and you must be mentally prepared for constant rejections. Your help might not be immediately appreciated, but you must not give up. The way you approach these people can go a long way in speeding up their recovery. Be understanding and determined, and you'll have a fantastic time with that friend, family, or partner that's special to you.


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