How to Fund a Travel Lifestyle: 15 Answers from Experts

Published - 13 April 2021, Tuesday
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When it comes to traveling the world, we all would want to do it full time. We all know those people that seem to embark on endless adventures around the world and live their best life. They visit iconic and remote places in the world and get to live with the locals and know their culture and traditions. 

But a question that is probably on your mind is how do they travel and make money for traveling at the same time? How did they make this decision? It seems easy and enjoyable to have this lifestyle, but are there any drawbacks and obstacles you need to face and overcome?

We have gathered 15 answers from traveling experts that are nomads through this world. These answers will give you the inspiration and creativity to take matters in your own hands, start a travel fund, and, maybe, becoming a full-time traveler. 

  1. Freelancing 

Most of us have a 9-to-5 job, the desire to travel, and not enough money to do so. Or the preconception that you do not have enough money to travel. Freelancing and working remotely have gained their momentum in the last years and more and more people search for this kind of opportunity. And more and more companies allow their employees to work remotely. 

Janina McDonald is solo traveling the world for two years now and she discovered freelancing while having a full-time job. She is a member of an international community of professional essay writers all over the world. Freelancing in the writing business and not only can give you the freedom to travel the world and work at your own pace, while also having money for traveling. 

  1. Seasonal Jobs 

Staying connected to your nowadays job can turn out to be a mistake. Most people avoid adopting a nomad lifestyle because they fear they do not have enough money. You might also think that if you resign, you won’t be able to find another job that brings your flexibility, happiness, and, of course, money for traveling. 

This is not true as you can find seasonal jobs in almost every country. According to works of Alice Pierce, one of the best seasonal writers from Essaymama, this is the opportunity you need to pursue your dream. For example, you can teach English in Thailand or Cambodia and save some money for your next travels. Usually, living in another country can turn out to be less expensive than you believe. 

  1. Blogging 

Experts who travel the world usually try to combine their passion for traveling. This is why many of them have blogs where they share their traveling experiences and advice, get endorsements and shares, and make money at the same time. The traffic your blog could generate can support your travels around the world and you don’t even have to worry to get a job. 

If you like writing and sharing your experiences around the world, you can start a blog and tell the story of your past travels. You can get some help with the beginning from professional writers from the research paper writing service. They can help you with editing and proofreading so that you can attract more audience. 

  1. Stay at least 3 Months in One Place 

Traveling is not a contest of who visits the most countries and places in the world. Traveling is about getting to know a new culture and its habits, experiencing the local cuisine, and visiting hidden gems only locals know about.

Staying at least three months in one place is essential, as you discover more of the hidden beauties of the visiting country and also manage to save time for your next trip. This is possible if you get a seasonal job and live simply, say nomad travelers. 

  1. Change Your Mindset 

One of the most important drawbacks you might experience might be your own thought patterns. Make traveling your priority and start saving for your nomad life. Johanna has seen at least 15 countries since she resigned five years ago because she made traveling her number one priority. This means that you need to let go of expensive habits and start living simply. 

  1. Live Simply 

What does it mean to live simply? The thing is, today’s world and society are based on consumerism. Glossy and eye-candy ads make you think that you need the latest car model, smartphone, or gear to be happy and successful.

But this is not the case, because experiences bring you more happiness than money. So, avoid falling into the trap of buying things you do not really need and save that money for traveling. 

  1. Memberships and Subscription 

To fund a travel lifestyle, travel experts say that you must analyze your monthly expenses. Lots of people have memberships and subscriptions they don’t really need, but they don’t bother to cancel them.

And even though there are only 15$ per month, they add up. Think about Netflix, Amazon, or Spotify subscriptions, and if you really need them. 

  1. Savings Jar

No matter how old school this might sound, people that have adopted a travel lifestyle say that is one of the most efficient ways to fund your travels.

Whenever you refrain yourself from buying something you don’t need, you can save that money and fund your travel lifestyle by having a savings jar. It’s something small but that can really make the difference. 

  1. Sell Stuff You No Longer Use 

Selling the stuff you no longer use is a great way to fund your traveling lifestyle. Some expert travelers say that they even sold their house and car to embark on the adventure of their lifetime.

For sure there are a lot of people who would want to buy things such as headphones, clothes or paintings. Just find the stuff you no longer need and use and sell it. 

  1. Search for Cheap Flights 

If you want to travel the world, you will probably book flights to save traveling time. One of the best ways to travel on a budget is to book your flight in advance.

You can find cheap flights, only if you look for them. Use apps such as Kiwi or Skyscanner to find out the best offers. If you want to travel during peak season, experts advise you to book your flight at least three months in advance. 

  1. Look for Sustainable Travel Ways 

Even though airplanes help you save time, sometimes travels that take more time are more enjoyable. You can use public transportation, train or even the bicycle to travel between certain destinations.

They force you to be more flexible, but you can save a lot of money and enjoy your trip even more. You will be closer to the locals and catch a glimpse of their daily life. Using public means of transportation is usually much cheaper than flying. 

  1. House Sitting 

One of the best ways to save money for your next travels is house sitting. Nomad travelers say that most people do not know about this opportunity. For example, if you want to travel to France but you do not have enough money, you can house sit.

Some people go on holiday and cannot take their pets with them or are just looking for someone to take care of their houses while they are gone. This means that accommodation is free, so you can save some money. 

  1. Limit Bars and Restaurants 

No one says that you shouldn’t enjoy a beer and a delicious noodles meal on the beach in Thailand, for example. Some places are cheaper than you imagine and eating street food is one of the local customs in Thailand. However, you will surely travel to more expensive places, so limiting bars and restaurants is a good idea to adopt to save money. 

  1. Cook 

Cooking for yourself is nice because you develop your culinary skills. Even though you might say that you don’t have any, being on the road and living in foreign countries will help you discover them. Avoid ordering in or eating out to fund your travel lifestyle. This does not mean that you shouldn’t go out with locals or friends, just buy less. 

  1. Launch Your Online Business 

It may seem counterintuitive, but it might be the best advice. John has managed to make himself an entrepreneur who travels the world at the same time. He launched his writing service before quitting his job and now this is the only one he has. He can do it remotely, and even if leadership might be a challenge when you do not meet with your colleagues face to face, it is one you can face it. 


When you see those nice and full of life photos of people that travel full time, you think that it is difficult to do this. But all you need is a change in mindset. Start living simply, cancel your memberships and subscriptions, and sell stuff you no longer need.

Plan your trips ahead of time and spend at least three months in one place to get to know the culture and people better. Seasonal jobs or house sitting can help you fund your travel lifestyle and prepare the next trip.


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