Home Exhibition - a Collection of Food Theme Paintings by Autistic Teen Artist

Published - 22 July 2022, Friday
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Appetite for Art: The Unskilled Boy returns with a food-themed exhibition

Autistic teen artist Alex Lim (@theunskilledboy) is presenting his second solo exhibition, Home, this Friday (July 22). The 17-year-old will release over 40 acrylic paintings with a colourful, pop art food theme on his website www.theunskilledboy.com as well as on The Unskilled Boy's Facebook and Instagram pages. 

Expect to see paintings of favourite local dishes like Chwee Kueh, Siew Mai, Chicken Rice, Prata, Nyonya Kueh, Chilli Crab and more.

Favourite local dishes

Each acrylic painting on a (20x26x2cm) primed linen canvas is priced affordably at $65, $70, $75 and $80 each. In 2021, during the pandemic, he held his first (sold out) solo exhibition, I Am Alex, virtually. Following that, Alex has since produced three other sold-out series comprising 12 paintings each – Animal Series, Tiger Series, and Angry Ant Series.


Alex has also been invited to showcase his new abstract works for St. Anthony's Secondary School's Diversity Awareness Week for its students, from Oct 25 to 28.

At this exhibition, he will present a five mixed-media paintings using watercolour, acrylic and impasto.

The exhibition paintings fall under three categories: Favourite Dishes & Brands • Fruits • Desserts & Sweets. The artist uses different painting techniques – brushes, acrylic pens and knife brushes.


The teen painted his pieces in a span of three months, from April through June.

Alex is a student of Pathlight School (vocational track). He has been learning art since primary school. He loves to draw and paint since he was little as a way of expression, and he spends hours doing that after school.

Painting not only gives him a lot of happiness but also calms his mind.

Where to Buy & Order

When: July 22 to August 4 2022

w. www.theunskilledboy.com

fb. www.facebook.com/theunskilledboy

ig. www.instagram.com/theunskilledboy

t. +65 9807 5713 PayNow / PayLah

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