Amazing Tips to Take Memorable Photos at any Gathering

Published - 10 August 2023, Thursday
  • Memorable Photos at the Parties

Anyone who’s been at a gathering knows that it can get chaotic. And when it does, it can be hard to get good (or even decent) pictures out. This is why we are going to be giving some tips on how to make the party pictures as memorable as possible.

Know Thy Camera

Ideally, you don’t want to be a free cameraman at the gathering. If it’s a new device, take a few moments to get yourself familiarise with the device so that you don’t lose time trying to figure it out at the actual party. Remember, you’re supposed to have fun at the gathering as well!

Take the Pictures Early

Depending on the type of gathering, you might want to take some pictures early. This is most important for decorations and for the people who are prone to getting drunk early.

Zooming in/out is an Option for a Reason

Zoom in from time to time so that you can really see the facial expressions that people are making. Also, zoom out so that everyone can actually be seen inside the photo.

Demons, be Gone!

You want to have the people in the pictures looking good, one way to not do that is by having them all have red eyes and look like demons. A general tip to avoid this is by asking everyone to look slightly over the camera. You can also implement neat tools like Snapseed or Photoshop Elements in order to remove the red eyes from the photographs. Using a red-eye reduction mode is also a great option. However, be aware that this mode sets off several flashes, so do give the people you are taking photos of, a heads up.

Use Props

People love props! Utilise them as much as you can, it adds so much to memorable photos. Props can be anything from a hat, glasses, or even a funky mustache. It can really add spice to an atmosphere.

Be Ready for Candid Shots

Candid shots at gatherings are hard to come by. People will always change their behaviour a bit when they spot a camera, this is why you want to get some sneaky photos in without them being aware of it. When people don’t know they are getting their picture taken, they will express their most genuine emotions. Another approach is to simply get close to them enough so that they are constantly relaxed and feel comfortable. This way they won’t change in the slightest when pointed at a camera by you.

Look for Action Shots

It’s boring to only take pictures of people when they are posing for one. You want to immortalise the life essence of the party. Take pictures of people dancing, food being served, people clinking their drinks. This becomes a lot easier when you get a feel of the party and where people are hanging out and dancing.

Be Mindful of the Flash

The flash is a tricky thing when taking photos. You will find yourself in situations where it’s going to be a detriment to the photo, and sometimes it will be a great addition.

When Not to Use Flash

If there are coloured strobes, lasers, and any other kinds of light effects, it would be best to turn the flash off, so you can get them on camera as well. This is especially true for club photos where you have random seizure-inducing lights everywhere.

When to Use Flash

When you are constantly moving from one room to the other, you will have a harder time capturing the lights, this is a good time to use flash. Opt for an off-camera external flash unit, where you can bounce the light off the ceiling for more natural lighting.

Search out the Most Unique Aspects of the Gathering

Usually, there won’t be many variations in between gatherings, this is why you should look out for whatever grabs your attention. It might be the hippy flag, a vintage lamp, a cool rug, or even a sick photo booth backdrop, you’re going to want to take a picture there. Don’t obsess over it though, it won’t put you in a good light, no matter how cool the decoration is.

Don’t Forget to Free Up the SD Card

You never know how a gathering is going to end. You might take only three pictures because there was nothing interesting, you might take 300 pictures because it was the best time of your life!

This is why you should always plan ahead, free up the SD card before getting ready for any big event in general. A good habit is to delete pictures from your SD card when you transfer pictures to your computer. Also, remember to transfer them frequently!​​​​​​​

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