What Cooking Methods Are Healthy?

Published - 23 September 2023, Saturday
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Ingredients are not the only thing that makes food healthy. The equipment you use can make a big difference in the nutritional value of your food. Equip your kitchen for healthy eating with these great tips on how to choose cookware for your health! The process of manipulating ingredients into something new changes them, it can even affect their nutritional content. Some cooking methods add fat, while others preserve nutrients.

Choosing tools that help preserve the natural benefits of your food can have a great impact on your health, but first, you must understand which methods have the most delicious advantages.


For many, boiling is the quickest way to cook fresh or frozen vegetables, but steaming is a far healthier way to cook veggies. When you boil vegetables, their nutrients leach out into the water; however, when you steam them, they retain more of their positive qualities. Set yourself up for steaming success by investing in a great steamer basket. This awesome insert can fit into your existing pot and is compact enough to store easily. Try a foldable food-graded steamer basket for deliciously flavoured and nutrient-rich vegetables every time. It works with everything from peas to potatoes and you’ll never want to boil again!

Air Frying

Air fryers have certainly had their moment but this handy appliance is more than just a flash in the pan! Air fryers use convection heat to circulate warmth around the food. This technique allows the heat to crisp the exterior of the food while leaving the interior nice and juicy, just like a traditional fryer only without the oil. This means that you can cook everything from fried snacks to a whole chicken without any additional fat or grease. Invest in a functional and basket air fryer, like Ninja AF101, to start cooking lighter. Allcookwarefind.com says it has an easy-to-clean non stick interior and a capacity that allows for any healthy culinary adventure you’d like to take. It also has additional features, like dehydrating that make healthy snacking a cinch!


A high-speed blender can make all the difference in a healthy kitchen. From whipping up smoothies and nut butters to smoothing out soups and sauces, a blender is the ultimate tool to work with raw and cooked foods alike. A great blender can be used over and over for a very wide range of health recipes, so it's important to choose a good one. This amazing professional-grade blender allows you to craft nutritious foods worthy of your favourite restaurant. It has multiple speeds and settings so you can make variety of recipes, from smoothies, purees, soups and so much more!

Oven Roasting

Slow-roasting meats and vegetables without adding too much additional fat can be a great way to impart flavour while still preserving the natural goodness of your ingredients. Oven roasting can be done with or without added fats and it will not leach out precious nutrients like boiling. Baking sheets made of solid, commercial-graded aluminium is useful for the durability, lightweight and versatility. If you like non stick sheets, make sure that they’re safe from possibly harmful chemicals, like PFOA, PFAS and lead.

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