Health Training to Consider to Benefit Your Career

Published - 21 April 2022, Thursday
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If you work in a competitive industry like sports medicine, certificates are vital. Without them, it's harder to stand out from the competition, and they'll be more likely to get hired.

So, you should always look at which certificates are available in your field and see if they're an option. Here are a few ideas to get you started in this industry if you'd like to build a long-term career.

NASM-CPT Certification

The National Association of Sports Medicine is one of the longest-running institutions around. Since it first opened, it's given tons of certificates to trainers across the country, and they still do it. Getting one of their certificates only takes a few weeks, and it'll pay off when you're applying for jobs. To register for a course, you must complete a CPR/AED training course as well as a GED program. As long as you've obtained those qualifications, getting accepted into it isn't hard. Then, you'll learn all about the different muscle groups in the body and how to train each of them.

Also, they'll show you how to teach people of different demographics, such as the elderly. Even though an elderly person can't do what someone younger does, that doesn't mean they're weak. A PT can show them how to further develop their physical strength and flexibility, which has a big impact.

American Council on Exercise Certification

For those living in the US, the ACE training program has been a popular option for a long time. It's designed to bring you up to speed, even if you don't have much experience with exercise science. Plus, you can pick from courses meant to create personal trainers, group trainers, and more. If you know which type of trainer you'd like to become, their courses are a great option but pick wisely. You don't want to complete a group training course unless you'd like to train groups of people after. Still, their wide variety of coursework offers a lot, regardless of your experience.

Professional Yoga Teacher Training

If you've completed some of the basic certificates on this list, it may be time to expand your horizons. Attending yoga teacher training in Costa Rica could be the thing you need to further your career. Costa Rica's cost of living is incredibly low, so it's not expensive to go there for a few weeks. Plus, you'll get to learn the foundations of Asana practice, and the trainers will show you how to teach yoga well. You'll also receive a certificate from the yoga trainer alliance by the time you finish it.

International Sports Sciences Association Certification

Not everyone can attend an in-person training seminar, even if they'd really like to go to one. If that's the case for you, then consider going to a distance training module run by the ISSA. They've developed one of the most comprehensive programs available, and it's worth attending. For many, their self-paced coursework is simpler to complete than other options, so it's easy to do. If you're looking for something you can use to teach yourself, their courses are often a great fit, so check them out.

Once you've completed all the modules, you must pass an online test, but it doesn't have a time limit, so it's not too hard. Make sure to take notes while you're doing the course, and you shouldn't have much trouble passing the test.

The National Council on Strength & Fitness Certification

Going to an NCSF training may be worthwhile if you're close to a training center. Since they're available worldwide, their courses are recognized by the EU and the US. As such, you can expect their certs to get you a bit further than some of the others out there. The course designers put a ton of emphasis on strength training and flexibility. You can learn how to strengthen weak muscles, and their program emphasizes wellness. Before registering, you must obtain a CPR or AED certificate, and you need to have at least a GED.

Which Health Training Certifications Are the Best for Career Growth

There are a lot of ways to further your career if you've decided to work in health sciences, but they're not all equal. Pick a training course that will have a worthwhile payoff once you've done everything.

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