Garden of Wellness: Keeping Your Mind Healthy and Free

Published - 17 April 2021, Saturday
  • Mindfulness

It’s not selfish to think about yourself — it's necessary. The most important person in your life is you, so don't be ashamed to have self-love. Keeping your mind healthy and free means acknowledging everything wrong in your habits and deciding to change it.

So, take a step into the garden of wellness and learn how having me-time can make you feel better.

Politely decline things you don’t want to do

The most common reason you can’t say “No” is fear of being judged by other people and the consequences of their disappointment. Accept that you can’t control what everyone is thinking about you, so don’t worry so much about that. People will respect you more if you keep your integrity and know your priorities in life.

Sometimes, you can't decline certain things, like assignments at work or the wedding of someone important in your life. You need to understand your sacrifices and whether they are worth it to feel less like your own person and more like being at somebody's mercy. Practice by saying "No" to something small and then slowly proceed to more impactful things.

Give your body the love it deserves

Taking care of your body will take care of your mind. Regular physical activity is more than trying to lose weight or tone your muscles. It has many health benefits, including stimulating the production of feel-good hormones and lowering stress hormone levels.

Try different exercises, from yoga to HIIT, to see which one is right for you. A walk around the neighborhood or a bike ride in nature is also a great way to stay active and give your body the movement it needs to get in shape.

Don’t bottle up your feelings

Feelings are an integral part of every human being that can define our mental health and actions. While it's unpleasant when someone betrays, uses, or manipulates your feelings against you, they are not the signs of weakness. Instead of bottling them up, learn how to express them through conversations and confide in others.

Unfortunately, talking about your emotions is far from easy, so take it slow and use as many words as you need. Let your loved ones know that you are bad at talking about your feelings and that you would appreciate their support and patience. It may not seem natural, but being honest about your emotions will become easier over time as you continue to open up.

Take care of your inner-self

The worst you can do for yourself is neglecting to nurture your inner-being. For this reason, you should enjoy leisure time, turn off your phone, and sip your tea by the window. Meditation is beneficial to manage stress and learn how to clear your head from problems and negative thoughts.

Having a hobby will help you express yourself creatively and emotionally, regardless of it being dancing or painting. To truly relax and forget anything else, prepare a bubble bath, light some candles, and soak in the tub. You can listen to music, read a book, have a glass of wine, or keep your eyes closed, letting the serenity take you over.

Create your outdoor sanctuary

You don’t have to go far to experience the benefits of staying outdoors. A backyard retreat under the pergola roof or a comfortable seating area on the balcony may be just what your mind needs. Find sanctuary among the plants in your garden, hang a hammock between trees, or lie down on the lawn.

Don’t be scared by the bad weather since rain and snow can be equally serene as a sunny afternoon. Even the evenings can be exhilarating with stargazing, sitting by the fire pit, or listening to the leaves rustling in the wind.

Spend time only on yourself at least once a month

It can be hard to dedicate time to yourself every day. Obligations at work, home, social life, and other parts of your life can be all-consuming. But this is why you need to leave one schedule open for self-care at least once a month.

Book a pedicure, massage, facial, or hairdresser and forget about anyone and anything else for an hour or two. Going on a weekend getaway would be ideal, especially if you can travel to a wellness retreat where everything is about helping you recharge yourself.

The bottom line

No one can take better care of you than you can do it yourself. It may take some time before you learn how to do it, but it's excellent for keeping your mind healthy and free. Don't wait a moment longer to start your journey in the garden of wellness since even a small change can bring immediate improvement.

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