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Ensoul Medical Clinic 0  


2228 reviews
30 October 2018
Highly recommended clinic from this organisation. Really friendly staff. They take the time to chat with you and really want to help in your personal needs and Doctors who are highly qualified.


399 reviews
12 May 2018
"I admit I was sceptical when I first got to Ensoul because I’ve been to various doctors for my acne scars and I’ve seen much improvements. Dr Thean started the consultation with understanding my entire treatment history and timeline. He then suggested all the treatments available and what he would recommend if I wanted to see the best results. Dr Thean was confident he could show me real results with just one session. To be honest I’ve heard this many times before with other clinics but I took a leap of faith and I’m so glad I did. During the laser session, I can feel that it was pretty manual for him, and he shared that the laser tip is small which is why there is enough power to go deep into my skin, and also gives him more control to target the troubled areas. He spent over 1+ hours just to finish off my face, going through the tough spots a few times for the best results for me. That’s a clear sign of dedication and care for his patients to me. That was 2 weeks ago. To give the fairest review, I wanted my skin to have calmed down totally to see the actual effects. This is by far the best treatment with real improvements to my scars in one session. The box scars got less obvious and the lighter rolling scars got smoothen out. He also gave a follow up treatment to calm my skin. And again, it’s just another testament to their services. The only down side is that you need buffer a downtime (5-7 days of redness and flaking) but again, worth it. The team at Ensoul is also really great! There are no overpromising, hard selling or upselling, you tell them your concerns and they will tell you frankly what will work, how well it will work and importantly, if you need it. And another thing, their serum is damn powerful. I have oily skin and I’ve never been able to maintain a matte look throughout the day until I used Dr Thean’s one. I’m very grateful to all of them and am looking forward to continuing the journey to clearer skin. Thank you Dr Thean and the team!" Nisa Seah reviewed Ensoul Medical Clinic, Singapore – 5 stars on Facebook