4 habits for a healthy marriage

Published - 01 February 2021, Monday

For many people, being joined in matrimony with your soulmate is a dream come true.

Marriage is definitely one of the greatest hallmarks of one’s life. Hypothetically, marriage is a bond that is sealed between lovers, that is meant to last a lifetime.

For anyone who aspires to marry, it may look like such a bed of roses to spend your life with the one you love. However, this is never the case. Marriage is a journey with many obstacles. It takes love, understanding, and resilience to make it through.

How exactly can you keep your marriage intact and healthy? The happiness in your marriage largely relies on the things you do together. In this article, I will tell you about four habits that you can incorporate in your marriage. You will be amazed by their impact on your union with your significant other.

1.         Constant Communication and openness

For your marriage to succeed, you need to be in regular communication with your partner. This enables you to learn more about each other. You also get to know when your partner is not happy about something such as trouble at work and therefore you are able to respond accordingly.

Try as much as possible not to keep secrets from each other. Remember that your marriage is a pact to become one body. Do not hide your emotions whether positive or negative from your partner. Let them know if something is not working out in your life. Make it your habit to ask and inquire about their life outside the home.

Staying in regular communication and being open to each other will build trust between you and your loved one. Being able to talk to each other about your low moments creates a relationship where you depend on each other; hence strengthening your bond.

2.         Be romantic.

This may sound a bit cliché but you will be surprised that sometimes romance dies off in marriage. The little romantic gestures such as random dates and walks in the park are what actually set a base for your relationship.

Why give up on them once you are married? Romance is the little spark that lights up a relationship up. However long your marriage has lasted, however rocky it has been, always treat your lover the same way you treated them during your early dating years.

Once in a while, try surprising her with one of those cute chocolate gifts. It will bring back such beautiful and blissful memories of the good old day when you were dating. Go on dates or long drives with your Suzuki sv650 when you have the time. Remember that marriage does not close the dating chapter.

One of the things your partner will always appreciate is when you try as much as possible to look good in their eyes. Keep your body fit to keep up an attractive image. You can come up with a schedule to work out together.

If you are a man who is past his middle age and your youth athletic muscular body is fading, you can try a dose of the syntha 6 isolate besides your work out. It will help you maintain an attractive built look that will glue your partner to you. Everyone desires to have an attractive partner.

3.         Have some fun

Life is not all about business and work. Sometimes you need to take time off from such and have some fun. It is important to create some time just for you and your partner. You can even choose to spend the time at home together.

Or how about a vacation or just a weekend out of town? If you can afford it, take a flight and go on vacation to one of those dreamy destinations such as Greece. Go for romantic walks on the beach, watch the sunset together and finally cool off with a bottle of Bacardi zombie over a romantic dinner.

For any relationship, sexual intimacy is an important part. Do not shy off from it. It is part of spending time with your loved one. It only does as much as to add spice to your marriage. A sexually starved marriage is bound to lose its bliss and end in issues such as infidelity.

4.         Serving together

Marriage is all about unity. If it is within your means, try as much as possible to do household tasks together. For instance cooking together, cleaning dishes, laundry and preparing your kids for school in the morning. This shows that no one is the commanding force in your relationship and hence you will be more comfortable around each other. Don’t forget to kiss them on your way out.

If you subscribe to a common religion, form a habit of praying together at the start of each day. You may doubt the significance of this, but trust me; your bond will grow stronger in this way. A family that prays together stays together.

Extend your unity to other tasks such as making future plans for your family. Let your partner be part of the consensus. This shows that you highly value their opinion and you deem them worthy of making crucial decisions.

Do not let your marriage break and yet you have the capability of mending the crack. Remember that it is all about unity and love. The best proof of love in a healthy marriage is always being able to smile in the wake of adversities. 'Happy ever after' may sound like a folk tale, but you can come pretty close to it. A healthy marriage is a healthy life.

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