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Image Credit : BBounce

If getting, or staying fit is high on your list and you are wanting to extend your gym commitment – why not try burning the calories with these off-beat fitness classes?

Try your hand (or leg) at pole dancing, capoeira, or unleash your inner Jedi with SaberFit – we can guarantee that your workout will be anything but boring!


Drumstick Workout


Ever wondered how drummers get those big guns? Well, now you can get them too, by pounding it out on the floor! This full body drumming workout POUND combines cardio, conditioning, and strength training with yoga and pilates-inspired movements so you can burn up to 900 calories an hour, all the while grooving to your favorite beats! It’s also a great stress-buster and helps to improve your rhythm

E. [email protected]

A. 5 Stadium Dr, Singapore 397631

T. +65 9751 0793


Trampoline Workout


Make your workout dynamic with a mini trampoline, which is 68 percent more efficient than jogging. Keep your energy up and destress yourself with rebounding along with the incorporation of resistance bands, weights and strength training. As a plus, the BBounce workout is low impact so if you’ve got weak joints rebounding could be perfect for you! It’s also very effective in increasing your lymph flow for a full body detox.

E. [email protected]

A. 176 Orchard Road 06-09 The Centrepoint, 238843

T. +65 6262 2272


Aqua Yoga

Step out on the water and practice your asanas in the pool using the world’s first floating exercise mat – the AquaBase! If regular yoga is too basic for you, challenge your balance on a floating yoga mat with Yogarena. This wet yoga session helps with increasing flexibility, mental focus, cardiovascular conditioning, calorie-burn and muscle development. It also improves sleep, reduces stress and anxiety. Not to mention, it keeps you cool in Singapore’s humid weather!

E. [email protected]

W. www.yogarena.com/home


Surfset Fitness

Think life’s a beach? Strut on over to Surfset Fitness for a surfing inspired fitness programme that’s sure to push you to your limits. Each 45-minute session includes elements of aerobic fat burning, lean muscle building, and balance and core training all while you’re poised on an unstable surf board. If you’re looking to target your core, and perhaps gain a few tips for the next time you get out onto the water, Surfset Fitness is for you!

E. [email protected]

A. 5 Stadium Dr, Singapore 397631

T. +65 9751 0793



Street Strength

Let the inner gymnast inside you break out with calisthenics, a functional bodyweight workout that engages your entire frame. Learn how to do a handstand, work your core, and take things to the next level with the gymnastic rings. If you’ve never tried something like this before, don’t stress, because they do have introduction classes to get your posture and technique sorted before you begin more advanced classes.

E. [email protected]

A. 3 Neil Rd, Singapore 088805

T. +65 8792 6194




.GIF credit ; CruCycle

Switch it up this month by ditching the weights and heading to a spin studio to get your work out into gear! Apart from being a great way to burn off the calories, you’ll also see yourself building strength, and gaining some amazing cardiovascular benefits without putting too much stress on your joints. This high-intensity, low impact workout is quite popular, so you’ll find something perfect no matter what fitness level you’re at – whether you’re a beginner, or an uphill spinning maestro!

Best Spin Studios in Singapore



The Afro-Brasilian art of fight, game, and dance, Capoeira is all about flowing movement. Rather than a fixed stance used in boxing, capoeira includes fluid dance moves, kicks, and sweeping movements to take your opponent down. Don’t be daunted by the swift kicks and acrobatic movements of more experienced athletes, beginner classes are available – you can even take your kids, as young as 18 months old, for a class.

E. [email protected]

A. 1 OUE Downtown Gallery, 6a Shenton Way, Singapore 068815



Awaken the force (aka play with lightsabers), and go after your fitness goals at SaberFit, a revolutionary new workout that could be the most exciting in the galaxy. Each one-hour session will consist of saber striking techniques with cardio, plyometrics, core and abdominal exercises set to some upbeat tunes. Perfect for full-body toning and bodyweight conditioning (and, of course, playing with lightsabers), you’ll have the higher ground after this workout!

E. [email protected]

T. +65 6515 4146



Doga Singapore

Step out of the mainstream yoga studio and stretch it out with your pupper at a Doga session. Enjoy the peaceful outdoor setting, while making sure that both you and your furry friend stay fit! Apart from the physical benefits, practicing yoga with your dog can actually help enhance your relationship with them!

E. [email protected]

T. +65 9799 4168



SLAP Dance Studio

Although it may have risqué connotations, pole dancing at SLAP Dance Studio is an excellent way to get your cardio in while building strength, flexibility, and acro-movement skills in a safe and judgement-free setting! Apart from the self-confidence you’ll gain, this sport will also help train strength and discipline. If you’re too nervous to try on your own, many studios host private events so you can learn the basics with a group of mates!


E. [email protected]

A. 144 Robinson Road, #17-02, Singapore, 068908

T. +65 6636 4622


14 February 2020
If getting, or staying fit is high on your list and you are wanting to extend your gym commitment – why not try burning the calories with these off-beat fitness classes?