6 Tips to Help Jumpstart Your Fitness Goal Journey

Published - 02 April 2022, Saturday
  • Jump Start your fitness

Want to drop a few pounds in the next month or two? If you have a hard time keeping up with your fitness routine? Here are six expert tips to help jump-start your fitness goal journey.

1. Evaluate Your Physical Fitness Level

Before you embark on a fitness journey, it is crucial to assess your current fitness level. This includes evaluating your strength and conditioning. Do you have an uneven strength pattern? If so, you may suffer from muscular imbalance when one muscle group is stronger than the other.

This can affect your posture and movement and lead to various injuries. Regardless of your age, assessing your strength and balance can help you reach your fitness goals. The goal of tightening the muscles in the body will help you stay healthy and injury-free.

Assess your muscle strength. Do pushups. You might notice that your arms are shorter than your legs when you do pushups, resulting in bad posture and a lower pushup rate.

As a result, you may have greater strength and stamina. If this is the case, your plan to achieve your fitness goal is more effective and sustainable.

2. Map out Your Fitness Schedule

It is said that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Making a plan is paramount to your fitness journey. Otherwise, you will be going into it blind. It is essential to think about your time constraints and whether you'll be able to commit to a regular workout.

Identifying your time constraints will help you set realistic goals and determine when you'll be able to do them. According to Better Health, creating a written exercise plan will help you stay on track and avoid injury.

3. Gradually Change Your Diet

If you plan on changing your diet, do it slowly. Do not abruptly stop eating some of your favorite dishes. The US National Library of Medicine studies indicates that most diets fail because they are unsustainable.

However, there are diets out there that have proven to yield impressive results because they operate on gradualism. Starting with a keto meal plan for beginners is one of them.

If you are a beginner at this diet, you can try low-intensity workouts, and these exercises can help you burn more calories than you usually do. If you're not an athlete, try cycling or rowing instead.

4. Collect All Your Workout Materials

This includes your workout clothes, shoes, and heavier equipment such as a workout bike. When selecting the type of workout equipment for your home, consider the results you want to achieve.

Cardio equipment is essential if you are looking to burn calories, and it should also help you build muscles. To find out what works for you, write down the results you want to achieve. For example, if you're going to build more muscle, you should invest in cardio equipment.

If you also want to lose weight, you should invest in strength-training equipment. Creating a list will help you focus and avoid buying anything that you will not use.

5. Get an Accountability Partner

While a workout buddy is not a substitute for a personal trainer, it can be helpful to have someone to push you towards reaching your goals. A fitness accountability partner can help you achieve your goal by keeping you accountable for your progress.

Your fitness buddy can help you achieve your goals by working out together and providing honest feedback. Additionally, your friend or workout buddy can encourage you to keep at it by showing you how to stay motivated during tough workouts.

6. Start and Keep Track of Your Progress

Once you've started is essential to monitor your fitness progress. As you begin your quest for fitness, it is crucial to set realistic and time-bound goals. Using the SMART framework to create and monitor your goals will simplify the process and help you stay focused.

Creating a daily routine is a great way to track your progress. Also, if you have a journal, you can keep it for future reference. By creating a detailed schedule for your fitness goals, you can monitor your results and stay motivated.


A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. And in some cases, too much planning can lead to you not getting started. Don't overthink it, do it. Start today, and the rest will follow.

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