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The Feather Blade


1690 reviews
6 May 2019
Quickly becoming one of the best reasonably priced steakhouses in Singapore, The Feather Blade is an uncompromising steakhouse that specialises in alternative steak cuts, particularly the feather blade cut.


Hot Find
186 reviews
1 May 2019
Having been treated to the Feather Blade's initial dining event, I can exclaim with confidence that the men behind the steaks have set a high bar early in the game for themselves, in which the only way they can go from now on is up. The highlight of the night was easily the perfectly cooked angus 'feather blade' steak, done medium-rare. The searing was done with just the right amount of char and the meat was consistent in tenderness and flavor throughout. Presentation-wise, the dish exuded effort and originality that did not let the palate down. The poached egg promised with the angus was equally fit to the task, with a soft richness that only made me want more. A minor, yet potential major flaw, was in the timing of the dishes. Service could have been faster and the poached egg could have been warmer as it came out. Not to be overshadowed by the main attraction, the side dishes also had a point to prove. The Feather Blade's 'Deviled Mushrooms' are a must-try with generous portions of melted cheese and portobello mushrooms that were soft on the inside and delightfully crusty on the outside. As far as vegetable dishes are concerned, the cream spinach and asparagus dishes did not disappoint, with the vegetables retaining their original flavors without caving in to the buttery overtones that were so present. The truffle fries however, were not a hit as the feather blade sought to strike a balance between pepper and truffle flavors and unfortunately missed its mark. Dessert was delightful with a generously flavored peanut butter chip brownie topped with vanilla ice cream that was light and creamy, complementing the brownie without stealing any of its limelight. The Feather Blade does have some operational ironing-out to do, but I believe this is an issue that they will solve very quickly. I hope to see where they go from here and I will definitely recommend it to anyone who wishes to experience a novel dining experience. Thank you Natassia Siu who reviewed The Feather Blade on Facebook