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Video Credit : Expat Choice Asia

Another gem tucked away in Duxton Hill is BTM Mussels & Bar.


Showcasing mussels cooked in a variety of styles including Asian flavours of Thai and Indian, there is something for everyone.

If you are not a mussels fan don’t worry. There are small plates, tartes, charcuterie and cheese boards, all of which are well worth a try, at value prices too. 

Not being a beer drinker, neither one for cocktails, I was urged to go against my norm and try the summer fruit – infused beer. It wasn’t the sweet sugary drink I was expecting. Probably downplayed by the bitter beer.

With refreshing flavours like passion fruit, pomelo grapefruit, lychee and raspberry, these proved to be a fantastic partner to mussels. I would highly recommend this….for everyone, whether you like beer or not!

For avid wine drinkers there are also options to have chilled white and rose by the glass. Just ask for the amazing Samantha who looks after the bar with a smile and has customer service figured out!

When you do visit I’d say the more the merrier. BTM Mussels & Bar’s menu offers a lot of bar food that is substantial and recommended to be eaten down and dirty – with fingers.

So I shared a few small plates like Bitterballen, Holland’s number one snack. Crisp fried balls made from a thick roux with beef. Of course a bite into some croquettes which come in 3 pieces for about $12 a plate.

I was glad that the jamon croquettes were subtle and not overpowering. There were shrimp, cheese and truffled porcini croquettes too. This is where it pays to be in a large group which affords diners greater varieties.

In fact BTM Mussels & Bar was packed with groups of young people, with some couples choosing to sit at the bar for greater personal time. A full house on a Wednesday night? The best testimony to good fare!

My favourite Croque Monsieur was laced with black truffle, an indulgent take on the famous French snack, one I never miss when in Paris.

Crisp French fries were perfectly cooked – chewy on the inside. The expected  accompaniment to a pot of mussels, I dunked mine into the different sauces.  So finger-licking good!

While you might only see seven varieties of mussels on the BTM Mussels & Bar menu, there are more than 250 ways that Chef & Restauranteur Olivier prepares them. So be assured of a change of flavours when you visit next.

Popularising Belgium’s “moules et frites” BTM Mussels & Bar relived my time in Brussels. Hearing the clickety clack of horses ride along the lovely cobble-stoned streets in my mind, I reminisced the alfresco cafes I sat at, eating this delicious gem of the sea.  

A definite “must” on the mussels list is the Thailandaises – chilli, kaffir lime leaf, lemongrass, white wine and coconut milk. It is outstanding to say the least.

I was glad that the sauces I tried didn’t overpower the taste of the fresh mussels. To the contrary they brought the flavours out. Nothing like a predictable, plain vanilla pot of Marinieres mussels cooked with white wine, butter, parsley and onion.

My preference always is a smorgasbord of flavours rather than the monotony of one taste. Hence I would recommend ordering a few 500g pots of mussels until you have frequented BTM Mussels & Bar a few times and found your favourite.

If you are still hanging out for more, the Tartes Flambees - freshly baked French pizzas, offer some amazing toppings. My biggest problem at BTM Mussels & Bar was the hard choices I had to make – they were all so delicious!

From smoked bacon & caramelized onion to porcini, wild mushrooms & comte, they were so easy to enjoy with a glass of refreshing summer fruit-infused beer. You can tell I was sold!

Having spent a wonderful evening devouring Belgian fare, I was adamant that I should end the night with one last treat, waffle “BTM” – a Belgian waffle with vanilla bean ice cream, hot chocolate sauce and Chantilly cream!

Large enough to be shared by 2 diners, I thought the price of $18 was reasonable. In fact throughout my meal, I could not help but think how much cheaper and more accessible this meal was!

I saved myself an air fare and could come down to BTM Mussels & Bar anytime I craved for imported mussels. Cooked in traditional and new ways, I had so many options right in front of me.

What else could I ask for?



A. 5 Duxton Hill, Singapore 089591

E. [email protected]

T. +65 6690 7562

W. www.dhm.com.sg/btm

S. www.facebook.com/BTMMusselsandBar


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