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This Friday 22, Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 May 2020, Restaurant JAG brings to your home the eloquence of a sit down dinner party with the spotlight on fresh seafood.


Available for delivery or takeaway from Restaurant JAG located on Duxton Road from 12:30pm to 8:00pm daily, although please take note, all orders for the three day must be placed by 12pm on Thursday 21 May 2020.

The price for this fresh seafood experience, which comfortably feed four diners is an attractive S$348++ (for the whole menu). Take your fine dining experience to the next level and indluge a little further with a 50gms tin of Oscetra Caviar (S$170++ ) served with blinis, shallots and the obligatory smoked cream.

In the following report the [*] represent the inclusion of the wild-foraged herbs of Savoie

Graze on sourdough with homemade butter before tucking into three house appetizers including aubepine*, salmon rillette, ortie*, scallop tartar and thym citron* or the crab & zucchini salad.

Taking centre stage – the plat de résistance is the whole red snapper (2kgs bone-in) served with frêne, eggplant caviar, braised fennel & garlic along, with a side of Restaurant JAG’s signature creamy polenta.

In true Restaurant JAG style your selection of three desserts is nothing short of epic providing delights such as verveine*, apple consommé, poached pink lady apple, asperule odorante*, carmalized pineapple confit, the lemon tart, rosemary*, tergoule  and last but definately not least, dark chocolate & nut brownie

Please write in to [email protected] (anytime), WhatsApp to +65 9686 5440 (10am to 10pm daily) or call +65 3138 8477 (10am to 10pm daily) to place your orders.

If there is a special occasion being celebrated then please do highlight when ordering. Michelin-starred chef Jeremy Gillon will make your delivery an extra bit special for you.

The Menu at JAG for take-away and delivery changes weekly. JAG wish to bring the joy of eating well in to your home. The menu showcases real food and organic produce.

JAG is now open from Tuesdays to Sundays and they offer the ability to order by WhatsApp.

Restaurant JAG is a French fine dining restaurant, created from a partnership between the talented Michelin-starred chef Jeremy Gillon and managing director Anant Tyagi.

Set over 2 floors in a shophouse along Duxton Rd with a capacity of only 25 guests and a lovely view of our open kitchen, the first floor is perfect for an exclusive romantic or intimate occasion. The bar and lounge on the second floor is cozy and luxurious, with Chesterfields sofas and bar seating’s, fantastic for private business meetings.

Inspired by the beauty and nature of the mountainsides in Savoie, France, 40 indigenous herbs are thoughtfully selected from the region then exclusively flown into Singapore. Every dish is intimately created to highlight the distinctive trait of each herb.

At the heart of every chef and restaurateur is the desire to create and inspire. To craft food and experience in such a way as to leave you wanting more.

As Chef Jeremy puts it, “I like sharing, exchanging and transmitting moment’s of emotion with my clients & my team while creating new and at times surprising flavours. I have an inquisitive nature and avidly enjoy the idea of discovering or rediscovering flavours and being reminded of memories from childhood.”

The artisanal approach at Restaurant JAG is also evident in every detail of the restaurant; From the custom wood and stone work created both locally and worldwide, to the Gueridons in the dining room and the custom glass work from Kimura, Japan, it is the attention to all the small details that communicate who Restaurant JAG is.

We hope you enjoy our expression of this philosophy.

Visit Restaurant Jag here

A. 76 Duxton Rd 089535

E. [email protected]

T. +65 3138 8477

W. www.restaurantjag.com

S. www.facebook.com/pg/restaurantjagsg


22 May 2020
Taking centre stage – the plat de résistance is the whole red snapper (2kgs bone-in) served with frêne, eggplant caviar, braised fennel & garlic along, with a side of Restaurant JAG’s signature creamy polenta.


Sylvia Fernandes
18 May 2020
In a recent series RESTAURANT MAVERICKS I wanted to return to Restaurant JAG to share the omakase dining experience with Chef Jeremy at the helm. "The omakase dining experience at Restaurant JAG is second to none. From Chef Jeremy’s amazing creations to the ambience and service, I would say it is an exclusive affair. If you are not the omakase type there is an option to order a la carte. However I feel diners would be missing the point in a restaurant like this if one were to do that. Why you might ask? To me this is an opportunity to taste Chef Jeremy’s creations that vary from table to table. Being an adventurous diner, I was most pleased to know that the table beside were having a seven course dinner too but dishes served differed from mine. How fabulous! I felt the difference as soon as I stepped into this very private Restaurant JAG. Not knowing what my next course was going to be was exciting…at least for me. From cute canapes to start the palette’s momentum I had to gasp when the first starter of tomatoes were served. Looking beautiful and colourful to say the least this dish was stunning. Dressed with a dill, pesto and olive oil combination it was a burst of fresh citrus flavours very much welcomed by my taste buds. Even the selection of olive oil was of supreme importance. To pick one that rounds off the palette rather than one that feels heavy and sticky. A highly recommended dish if you could order it. As Restaurant JAG’s theme is to cook dishes with seasonal ingredients the menu changes every few months - refreshing! As was the Domaine Vendange Jacquere wine I was drinking. Having not tried a vintage like this I was thoroughly pleased when I was recommended it as an accompaniment to the tomato starter. I would liken this drop of wine to a light sauvignon blanc. Easy to drink and light tones to pair with a starter meal. The quinoa and Jerusalem artichoke was served as the next course. This was not only different it was divine. With an artichoke juice poured over it and artichoke powder sprinkled on the top this was my absolute favourite of the night. I would be thrilled to have this as my main meal if I ever went back to Restaurant JAG. A true gem not to be found anywhere else as it was created right here by Chef Jeremy! As the next wine was served I was informed that this Collioure of the Blanc L’Ecume variety was a stronger, sharper taste that would balance out the creamy flavor of the next dish. So creatively presented, Chef Jeremy stacked a myriad of layers on a sourdough crisp starting with foie gras on the bottom then a variety of mushrooms above it. This was followed by mushroom ice cream and shaved mushroom to top it all. Now this might sound like a lot but it wasn’t. Put together delicately every mouthful was an elegant blend of light tones that was simply delicious. I had only devoured three courses by this time with another four to go but was already filling up. A very interesting dish of barnacles from Brittany served with carrot puree turned up. Not recalling if I had ever eaten barnacles, I googled to check the meaning. Related to crabs and lobsters barnacles are exclusively marine and tend to live in shallow and tidal waters, typically in erosive settings. According to Chef Jeremy of Restaurant JAG barnacles are plentiful in France at this time. I could taste the full marine flavor in this dish. It was like the freshness of the ocean in my mouth. It was time to change gears to the red wine. I was recommended the Savigny-Les-Beaune 2015, a French Pinot Noir. I love this variety of grapes especially in the hot and humid weather of Singapore. Light enough to eat with fish I had it with the John Dory served with fish jus and variations of brussels sprouts. I usually veer away from Dory as I find the meat to be soft and full of water. Chef Jeremy of Restaurant JAG explained however that Dory varies from country to country and it is in the treatment of fish after it is caught that deciphers the texture of the meat. He certainly knew how to cure this air flown fish from France, where most of his produce comes from. The meat was firm and tasty, miles ahead of any Dory I had tasted in the past. The sorbet came just in time. Starting to feel a tad full, I needed a little space before the next dish arrived. I have to say the French really understand what is involved in fine dining Much needed cleansers and intervals just when I needed it though watching Chef Jeremy churn out meals all night to a full house was quite a non-stop job for him. My last main for the night was duck pan seared on a bed of seven types of onion. Served aside was the mushroom polenta which on its own, was full of flavor. While the duck was gamey, it was succulent and cooked to perfection! The cheese trolley came around. While this was not in the Restaurant JAG omakase menu I felt it worth the top up. Cheeses on offer ranged from Cheddar to Stilton to many varieties of French cheeses. To end the night on a high, the Kiwi fruit dessert with crunchy toasted pumpkin seeds and an avocado puree just hit the spot. Having demolished every morsel of food set in front of me I felt I had consumed more than seven courses. For diners with larger appetites the ten course omakase is also available. Priced at $168++ and $208++ respectively the seven and ten course meals are seriously worth every penny. Especially to celebrate a special occasion Restaurant JAG would really put it on for you as they understand service and its trimmings to make for a wonderful night." * prices correct at time of publishing