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Located thirty minutes away from Gold Coast beaches, North Tamborine was the first national park established in Queensland.

And, it’s home to various flora and fauna in many unseen locations. You can’t miss the rare cycads in Zamia Grove area dating back 150 million years. North Tamborine also has the world’s largest bird wings, skink butterflies, and the famous Albert’s Lyrebird specific to the region. Other wonderful great picnic stops include the North Tamborine National Park and the Knoll.

Getting there

Reaching Mount Tamborine by car from Brisbane Airport takes about 50 minutes. The travel from Surfers Paradise to Eagle Heights takes about 40 minutes and about one hour from Coolangatta airport when driving. North Tamborine is part of the Tamborine District that includes Mount Tamborine and Eagle Heights. You’ll have a wonderful time exploring the district on your holiday. Consider taking a walk along the Gallery Walk. This is an eclectic mix of gifts, local crafts, art galleries, and assorted fresh local products. This place has a lot or everyone not to leave empty handed.

Things to do

Eagle Heights is a wonderful location on Mount Tamborine. It’s a small town with a village charm. This town is located in the Gold Coast Hinterland. It offers massive 280 degrees panoramic views of the Gold Coast. You’ll catch glimpses of the southern town of Tweed Heads, the northern areas, and Moreton Bay. The villages around here have excellent accommodation and lodging with bed and breakfast.

For wonderful tours Gold Coast, Tamborine is the spot to enjoy what nature has to offer. You’ll have access to various attractions including theme parks, World Heritage national parks, local wineries, the famous gallery walk, and other regional attractions. Reaching

By spending all or part of your holiday in Tamborine you will be able to enjoy the best nature has to offer. This includes World Heritage national parks, theme parks, the famous gallery walk, local wineries the many other regional attractions. For a Gold Coast holiday, Mountain Tamborine should come on top of your list because it’s reachable. It’s located inland behind the bustling beaches. The mountain was formed by lava flow from Mount Warning nearby with various natural habitats including:

  • Platypus
  • Scrub turkeys
  • Lorikeets
  • Lyrebirds
  • Wallabies

Mount Tamborine climb

For energetic ones, you can’t miss a climb to the top of Mountain Tamborine. You will enjoy catching glimpses of Brisbane and Mount Warning. Additionally, you will catch amazing views of stunning forests, beautiful waterfalls, rambling creeks, and streams. For a wonderful family excursion, consider a trip to Cedar Creek Falls, Witches Falls, and Cameron Falls. You can’t miss out on local produce including macadamia nuts, kiwifruit, and avocados in plenty.

For accommodation

There’s a range of hotels, resorts, and motels in North Tamborine contributing significantly to making it an ideal holiday destination. Good accommodation is readily available including in the surrounding districts even those at a higher end price. Couples should consider a romantic get away at the Camelot for a pleasant experience. The Avocado Sunset Bed and Breakfast also offers wonderful accommodation with themed guest rooms. Other options might include cottages in locations such as:

  1. Tamborine Mountain
  2. Songbirds Rainforest Retreat
  3. Witches Falls Cottages
  4. Lisson Grove Boutique Resort
  5. Pethers Rainforest Retreat

For those on a budget, cheaper accommodation is available in Broad Beach, Surfers Paradise, and Main Beach.

Bottom line

Are you looking for where to spend your holiday? It’s not yet too late to book a holiday at Gold Coast for a chance to indulge in what locations like North Tamborine have to offer.



17 December 2018
I've done this a few times and what a great adventure. Well organised, friendly staff and very professional people.


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