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The Slate Phuket 1  


The Slate
1 review
10 August 2020
Where family legacy meets raw design, industrial beauty interrupts, and art converges with nature. A place of rich contrasts and unexpected elements; a multi-faceted, intriguing experience. A captivating vision of the island's true soul. Welcome to The Slate, a BRILLIANT azure world with a rich elemental history. Here, the whispering seas, swaying palms and sweeping coastal skies set the scene for an otherworldly experience. Awaken your imagination in this fantastical tropical escape. The moment you step into The Slate, you’re whisked away to ANOTHER world where exotic birds shine with dazzling colours and verdant rainforests quietly grow. Who would have thought something so GORGEOUS is only a short drive away from the Phuket International Airport? The Slate specialises in crafting authentic dishes with deliciously nutritious ingredients that draw on the Earth’s organic goodness. Enjoy gourmet dining in spectacular settings and culinary MASTERPIECES that nourish and inspire. Enveloped in the healing cocoon of nature, each unique Nest is a relaxing spa haven. Sink into an extraordinary setting and spoil yourself with a soothing treatment at the Coqoon Spa. Delight in a deep-tissue massage as the balmy breeze caresses your skin, and birds chirp away above. Nothing compares to the sensuous serenity of being pampered in an enchanted garden. Facilities include: / Three swimming pools – one family pool and two adult-only infinity pools / On-site dive centre / Fitness centre with professional instructors for one-on-one trainings / Kids’ club with indoor and outdoor activities / Moo’s Kitchen, our signature Thai cooking school / The Stockroom, which offers unique home décor and exquisitely crafted jewellery / Blue Diamond, our general store that sells everything you need, from sunscreen, sunnies, and batteries / Shades Gallery with striking art exhibits