Cassia Bintan

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12 January 2018
This looks amazing! I've been to Bintan a few times so will have to check this place out. Thanks for sharing.


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7 December 2017
Greatly recommended to those hipsters friends (but I would say better for couples) as this resort has much cool looking graffiti all around the compound and feels very young with energetic vibes. The resort is considered new as it is finished in August 2017. All the furnitures and rooms looks new and we are like the first customers to stay there. The staffs at the frontline are very polite and knowledgeable. There is also bus to pick us up from ferry terminal and greeted us warmly. The best and most unique part is that they allowed mookata to be brought back to your own apartment and dine in the living room area at the comfort of air conditioning (but remember to close the door of your room) if not you can choose to dine at the balcony (which we did!) It was truly a very fun and memorable experience! The beach areas and pool were well maintained by staffs as it was very clean. They have a monthly event of releasing babies turtle back to the sea but we kind of missed it. Hope to try it!


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