Helpful Tips for Your Next Long-distance Trip – Staying Safe While Traveling Smart

Published - 05 October 2023, Thursday
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It is no secret that the pandemic and the lockdown made the trips a risky business and harder to complete. However, that doesn’t mean you should give up on them and just don’t do it. The measures do exist and they need to be respected, but you are making similar precautions anyhow when going into the public space.

The grocery shopping requires the same mask, clean hands, and as soon as you get home washed clothes as you’d have to do after entering the room of the hotel, exiting the airport, and coming back from the day in the zoo. However, there are other safety and planning measures to get into account when travelling. Here is the checklist to have with you while planning.

Make a plan

Of course, it is the only rational thing to do. Make a plan of your road all the way to the destination and back. But you do need to pay a special account to possible special measures in the places you are planning to visit. Check out the traffic rules, the weather prognosis, and the usual weather in that place for that time of the year, get informed on the number of cases and the safest restaurants in the area. Even more, you can look up the busiest hours for the attractions on Google Travel and avoid going then or even paying for a private tour – which can help the attraction maintenance in these hard times and make your experience more unique. 

Money on cards – online payments wherever available

Pay everywhere with your cards and avoid physical money which can be contaminated. Even more, you could try paying by scanning the code from a mobile banking application on your phone and avoid any contact with sellers. If you are travelling by car, consider filling up your tank to be full to avoid making too frequent stops and with that visiting too many gas stations. 

Book the visits

Of course, you will book your hotel as soon as possible, but try taking it a step further – book the tickets and spots for all the attractions you plan to visit. You can, more often than not, get the online ticket you can use without printing and be eco-friendly on top of keeping you and your travel companions safe. 

Hygiene tips

Have the anti-bacterial wet wipes, hand sanitiser, and an additional mask on yourself at all times, especially outside of the hotel or your vehicle if you are on a road trip. Disinfect any seat you will take, and by no means do not forget about the toilette seat! When mentioning toilette, if you will be outdoors a lot, or are driving, especially towing, consider getting a portable bidet. It will make your hygiene easier and you’ll always be safe and clean, on the go or behind a vehicle. 

Food safety 

We did mention checking the restaurant upfront about their safety measures and busy hours. But there are more ways you can keep yourself safe. Choose the food that has been touched at least as possible, or the one that has been processed – cooked, baked, fried. That way you can avoid many bacteria which will shorten your trip or worsen your experience. Additionally, get your own reusable cup and straw to get the coffee or juice anywhere and be certain you are drinking from a properly cleaned cup (the environment will also say: ‘Thank you'). 

Prepare your body for the road

First and foremost, get enough sleep. Especially if you will be driving. The lack of sleep detriments our immune systems to the point where we can be more prone to sickness, but the mental state of the tired person – lack of attention and reaction especially, can get you into problems. Get your check-up at the doctor, get more vitamins C and D approx. starting a few weeks before the trip to boost your immune system. Consider adding more fibres and minerals, as well as probiotics to have your gut in the perfect state before you hit the road.

Be comfortable

Anywhere you go, and whichever transport you are using, carefully select the clothes. Even if you do want to wear high heels or leather leggings, try to avoid them before reaching the destination. Breathable clothes, made from soft and natural materials like cotton, wool, or hemp that aren’t too tight-fitting will feel relaxing. You don’t need to lose your style, but still, choose to be comfortable and totally relaxed in your travelling outfits. Take a blanket if you are travelling overnight or a big, warm scarf. Even if it’s warm, the chilly nights can easily result in cold symptoms the next morning. Unfortunately, those are similar to COVID symptoms so the advice is to avoid any type of virus or infection.

Use GPS, Maps and similar applications

Your GPS doesn’t need to be the only device that has the data about the road you’re using. There are many travel applications for both Android and iPhone that can immensely help you from the plan to the return from your travel. Some for hotels, some for food, but try using the applications developed for the attraction and get yourself a digital tourist guide while visiting a site, museum, or gallery of choice.

Don’t go incognito

This maybe sounds boring, but let someone yours know that you are safe. It is not hard to send a message, a photo, or a short video of your activities, your state, and plans for the day. If you are not travelling by yourself, you should have the data on each other on you at all times, and you should still all have someone somewhere who knows you are safe and having a time of your life with your friends or family! In the end, InstagramFacebook or Tiktok posts also do the trick. No need to be paranoid, but if just so happens that you need a document or a piece of information you should have someone ready to listen and help. It’s life, things sometimes do get a bit complicated.

In the end, the most important thing about your upcoming trip is to go somewhere you want to, to not miss out because of fear, and to have fun! The world did not stop going, and neither should you if you want to go, of course. Taking responsibility for your health most definitely involves your happiness. Enjoy your safe and planned trip!​​​​​​​

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