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Published - 12 January 2018, Friday

The best way to see the world is being in a car.

With the freedom to go wherever you like, and the convenience accompanied by a powerful vehicle, Avis fulfils your dream of an adventure.

Explore the hidden treasures of Singapore and Malaysia with Avis.

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Avis Car Rental and its subsidiaries operate one of the world's best-known car rental brands with approximately 5,750 locations in more than 165 countries. 

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RATED 8 / 8
Over the Chinese New Year, I had the chance to rent with Avis so that I could join my family and friends in some visiting and giving of gifts! It was a tradition in my family to give cakes out during family holidays like these.

I received a really new Mazda 3 with a sun roof! What a surprise! It was really clean, and the service was fast and friendly. I rented from the Downtown station (nearest to my house) which to my surprise was open on weekends.

Overall the drive was pretty good. I used to drive continental cars and had no experience with a Japanese brand vehicle but I must say I was really impressed. Prices during Chinese New Year was pretty high (I did a market search and it was normal) but knowing that on regular times, there are promotions, I would definitely rent over one of these weekends again!

Would recommend.
RATED 0 / 8
Upon arriving in Singapore from China, my friends recommended Avis to me. Having experienced the service myself, I'd say that the service was great! The paperwork was quick and easy, and the staff responsive. I’ve never had to wait more than five hours for an email reply.

They take care of everything from automatic road tax renewal to providing a replacement vehicle when you send it in for servicing.


RATED 8 / 8
I rented a car with Avis last week in Singapore. I have been an Avis fan for quite some years so I may sound a little biased, but I certainly don't mean to be. They are just a great reliable brand to work with. The Online booking tool is a breeze to navigate, and I have always praised their customer service.


RATED 8 / 8
It is unfair to be complaining about a service in another country when it comes to a brand. I only have the highest regard for Avis here in Singapore. They give service. I cannot complain. Maybe Richard has a point but It is also good to see someone from Avis has responded with a positive post. hats off to Avis Singapore.


RATED 3.5 / 8
I've been using AVIS the last 4 years in a row with work and found them quite professional and a good car rental company. However only a few weeks ago I had to return a car at a different location in London to find it cost an extra £48 without being told. Understand this is in the fine print of the contract, but I have also e-mailed them 3 times with not one reply for a extra £200 already taken out of my account and no receipt! Still waiting to hear from them!


RATED 7 / 8
I have always used Avis when I have hired a car for a day or weekend both in Singapore and also in Australia. I have never had a problem when dealing with the customer service at Avis and the prices are always competitive - even when other car hire places say they are the cheapest ...there will always be some hidden cost. Avis have always been transparent.


RATED 7.5 / 8
I might be a little biased... sorry cause I work with AVIS in Singapore but I wanted to thank ExpatChoice.Asia for this amazing opportunity to communicate with you, our valued clients and potential customers right here for all to share.

At Avis Singapore we strive to bring you great service, deals and cars. It is your affirmations and testimonies posted here on expat choice that our entire team read day in and day out, and we see this feedback as a form of encouragement for the work we do to get you on the destination.

Your suggestions or feedback will also be taken seriously as we want to be here for you, delivering on time, every time.