What do you think about 5 Good Hygiene Tips When Travelling?

Whilst Singapore itself is relatively free of certain tropical diseases, the surrounding areas such as Malaysia, Indonesia, including Batam and Bintan, are not. Further, postings to Singapore often include extensive travel for both business people and families. It is therefore important to be aware of health issues related to regional and international travel.

A doctor’s consultation is required prior to vaccinations being administered or medications being provided. Issues which should be discussed at this time include food and water safety, mosquito avoidance measures, pre-existing medical problems and the need for prescriptions drugs.

International Medical Clinic recommend that medical advice should be sought at least 4 to 6 weeks before departure. For an extended trip or relocation overseas, ideally allow up to 6 months prior to your departure. Remember – it is never too late to seek advice.

Where sanitation is poor, drinking water or food can easily become contaminated with organisms that have unpleasant effects on our gut, Travellers need to be more careful with their personal hygiene habits when staying in less developed areas than when they are at home in a ‘safer’ environment.

A simple and effective way of decreasing the ingestion of unwanted organisms is to wash your hands with soap prior to eating, or to use an alcohol hand rub. Keep the following 5 rules of drinking and eating safely in mind when travelling.

1. Assume all water is contaminated – this does not apply in Singapore.

2. Never use ice unless you know it has been made from safe water – this includes luxury hotels in areas of concern.

3. Boil water for 5-10 minutes. This is the most effective way to make sure water is safe.

4. If safe water is unavailable, use bottled or canned fluids.

5. Use clean water – bottled or boiled – to brush teeth.

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5 April 2019
ExpatChoice.Asia would like to congratulation our friends at International Medical Clinic on their 20th anniversary. Servicing the expat community in Singapore for two decades is an achievement unlike any other in the expat Health segment. A trusted adviser and a true advocate catering to the needs of all nationalities while living and working in Singapore. May the next 20 years be as fulfilling and courageous as the past 20.


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