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As 2020 has already begun, you may be finding it hard to stick up to your resolutions and intentions while adapting yourself into your monotonous life.

But don’t worry, if you are not able to look after yourself and your body. Below are the top 10 truly transformative yoga retreats in Bali to fix your mind and body as well as give you an experience of a lifetime.

These amazingly transformative retreats will allow you to immerse in the peace, luxury, and pristine natural surroundings. Also, Bali is loaded with beautiful wildlife, lush greenery, serene beaches, and abundant rice fields. Apart from disconnecting you with technology and connecting you with nature, Bali yoga retreats can help you inspire you to be more aware and can deeply transform your thoughts.

Why Bali is so special when it comes to relaxing retreats? It is because of its incredible locations and authentic treatments that will bring back the Zen into your life. Also, Bali is a place where you can easily combine yoga with water sports activities like surfing. Rich in yoga and Balinese culture, these retreats will make you discover the real you!


1.      Blooming Lotus Yoga Retreat

Blooming Lotus Yoga retreat is in Ubud, a beautiful town recognized as an epicenter for culture and arts in Bali. The retreat offers diverse yoga and meditation programs that vary in days and curriculum. The affordable yoga retreat is suitable for advanced as well as beginner level practitioners. Maximum of 20 people can come together to be a part of daily Vinyasa yoga sessions and unite the physical body with the energy inside. Their programs also include daily deep relaxing meditation sessions, shuttles in Ubud, two vegan meals every day, and a cultural event to make you experience the Balinese culture.

2.      Fivelements Retreat Bali

Connect with your soul deeply and discover your own healing path with a personalized wellness consultation at fivelements retreat. Nourish your body with daily yoga and meditation sessions, satisfy your taste buds with freshly cooked raw food, and let your body explore the energetic elements inside you. The eco-conscious retreat makes sure that you breathe fresh air, meditate amidst nature, and be part of the best Balinese blessing ceremony.

3.      Zen Resort Bali

Placed above the enormous Bali Ocean and snuggled between lush rice fields and vineyards, lies Zen retreat to take you to a whole new world. The retreat offers the combination of yoga and Ayurveda in a way that it focuses on balancing the body doshas as well as heals you internally. The beginner's friendly retreat offers daily sunrise yoga and meditation sessions with diverse styles amongst nature. So come and understand your constitutions and doshas so that make effective and positive lifestyle changes to take away with you.

4.      Revivo Wellness Retreat

Recharge and rest entirely at a magical retreat encircled by the beautiful Indian Ocean and lush tropical forests in the southern part of Bali. This retreat will give you a chance to unwind and to breakaway the monotonous life routine by pampering your entire body. The retreat offers the best international and national food, which is organic and locally sourced. The daily yoga sessions, meditation classes, massage treatments, Pilates, Tai Chi, and holistic therapies will elevate your tension and free your soul and mind.

5.      Art of Life Retreat

Combining world-class yoga experience and healthy eating, Art of Life retreats is what you need for a perfect getaway. The retreat focuses on transforming and detoxifying through healthy living by offering programs scheduled with meditation, yoga, workshops, lectures, food, and excursions. Besides yoga and meditation, the retreat is also famous for its Chinese healing practices- Tai Chi and Qigong. The Art of Life programs are hosted at a hotel called Azadi, which lies amid lush rice fields.

6.      Floating Leaf Eco Retreat

Immerse yourself in Mother Nature for a yoga holiday in the Floating Leaf Eco Retreat. With eco-friendly, luxurious accommodation to fresh seasonal meals, diverse yoga and meditations sessions to fun, exciting excursions, it offers everything at its best. A highlight of this retreat is its unique healing pool. The retreat also offers outdoor spas and massages to rejuvenate your soul and an on-site restaurant that serves gourmet food to stimulate your body.

7.      Desa Seni Yoga Retreat

Desa Seni resort is much more than just a meditation and yoga retreat in Bali. Here you will learn and discover the local culture and traditions of Bali. The internationally accredited Yoga Alliance retreat offers the best-skilled yoga teachers who are ready to take your transformation to the next level. Be a part of daily sunrise yoga and meditation sessions and spend your evening by indulging in holistic spas and delicious organic meals. The retreat is suitable for beginners as well as advanced level practitioners.

8.      Como Shambhala Retreat

Begin with your transformative journey among the refreshing nature and iconic rice paddies. With the best on-site Ayurvedic doctors, yoga experts, and dieticians, the retreat will offer diverse sessions of yoga and Ayurveda that will make your practice worth enduring. Besides yoga and Ayurveda sessions, the retreat also offers fun excursions such as biking, hiking, and climbing. No matter if you plan this retreat alone, with friends, or family, the Como Shambhala is the most suitable choice. Here you can opt for various yoga retreats that vary in days, programs, and treatments.

9.      Blue Karma Secrets Retreat

Bounce over to the tranquil area of Bali that will rejuvenate and enchant you with its mystic blend of wellness experiences, lush settings, and exquisitely designated domiciles. The retreat will completely revitalize and reinvigorate you with its daily, intense yoga, relaxing meditation sessions, healthy delicious food, and fun excursions. Come and unleash your artistic talent with a complimentary sarong and hat-making workshop and unwind with a mythical Balinese massage, and be a part of an enchanting Dolphin Watching trip.

10.  The Amala Retreat

Invite yourself into the purest luxury with the Amala wellness retreat, where you are embraced to savour unparalleled serenity and pure bliss. Untie the knots with holistic traditional practices and treatments including acupuncture, Tibetan Bowl Music therapy, Pranayama, Meditation, and Reiki. Also, relish the purification and detox programs that also include meditation and yoga sessions to balance your spirit, mind, and body. The retreat also has a private plunge pool, herbal steam shower, and Jacuzzi for you to deeply relax after your intense yoga workout.


Summing it Up

The spectacular land of Bali is an ideal place to shrug off all the worry, tension and anxiety from your life. The beautiful location coupled with the rejuvenating practices and therapies at these amazing yoga studios in bali will reinvigorate your soul, body and mind guiding you to a more fulfilling and happy life. Just pack your bag and head off to this amazing island where paradise awaits you.  


18 February 2020
Thanks for sharing. Great list for Bali retreats!