Taking your CNY Yu Sheng Experience to a Luxe Level with Restaurant JAG

Published - 07 January 2021, Thursday

Toss up to greater heights, prosperity and longevity this Lunar New year with Restaurant JAG’S Savoie-inspired Lo Hei.

If you are going all out to celebrate the Chinese New Year in Singapore and want to get involved with the Prosperity Toss, why not do it in style? Taking your Yu Sheng experience to a Luxe Level, from 16-26 February 2021 you will be served a lavish platter with a myriad of juicy scallops, prawns and salmon are assembled alongside vibrant selection of fresh vegetables, each symbolising good luck, abundance and fortune. (S$158++ for up to 4 diners)

Homemade Ortie-herb dough fritters, peanuts, toasted sesame seeds and amaranth adds a lovely crunch, while shards of black garlic, aromatic lemon balm and shiso leaves infuses a fresh fragrant flavour. Completing the dish is the delicious homemade Plum & Reine des Pres dressing ready to bind all the wonderful elements just before the symbolic toss.

For true decadence a luxurious caviar Yu Sheng is on offer. An entire tin of Oscetra Caviar is served with the Yu Sheng (S$358++ with Royal Oscetra Caviar (50gms Tin) added on – for up to 4 diners). The glistening pearls topped onto the Lo Hei, adds an element of grandiose and delicious indulgence.

The kitchen will be happy to accommodate guests with dietary restrictions and prepare a wholly vegan or vegetarian Yu Sheng platter as well. The Restaurant is also open to curating bespoke French-inspired menus should companies or diners wish to create contemporary and truly unique dishes to usher in the Year of the Ox. 


a. 76 Duxton Rd 089535

e. [email protected]

t. +65 3138 8477 (Please Call for Yu Sheng Bookings)

w. www.restaurantjag.com

s. www.facebook.com/pg/restaurantjags


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RATED 7.5 / 8
Toss up to greater heights, prosperity and longevity this Lunar New year with Restaurant JAG’S Savoie-inspired Lo Hei.


RATED 7.5 / 8
Toss up to greater heights, prosperity and longevity this Lunar New year with Restaurant JAG’S Savoie-inspired Lo Hei.


RATED 8 / 8
It was exactly 18 months ago that I was being driven through the picturesque countryside of the Savoie region in France, in none other than a Jag (thanks to a fortunate upgrade on arrival in Geneva).

So it is indeed serendipitous that I find myself reviewing Restaurant JAG, a Savoie driven cuisine which at its heart focuses on seasonal herbs and vegetables from this glorious region – picture towering snowy alps, rolling country sides and quaint historic villages.

Restaurant JAG, stands for Jeremy Anant Gastronomy – the two passionate owners who view their masterpiece as not only their home, but as an extension of their personalities. Speaking to the delightful and articulate Anant, he explains the name resonated particularly well given his love of classic 1970’s Jaguar cars. And it is easy to see the parallels between the prestigious Jaguar brand – luxurious, unique vehicles that engage all the senses – and what Restaurant JAG is all about.

Stepping through the doors of the heritage shophouse, a dark curtain peels back to reveal the intimate six table dining room. The warm and muted tones exude an atmosphere of luxury and comfort yet, like a classic Jag, there is nothing at all ostentatious about the space. The open kitchen gives diners a peek into the bustle and coordination of a finely tuned Michelin star kitchen, while the funky lounge music creates a warm and lively mood.

Upon arrival at our table we are greeted with a small white card explaining the unique culinary journey we will embark on (and a lovely bottle of freshly scented JAG hand sanitiser). Called Opulent Indulgence, our meal is described as The True JAG Omakase Experience. A degustation, just as unique as we are, which is personalised around our own dietary needs (vegetarian and plant-based diets are most welcome here). The heart and soul of the experience is the use of seasonal Savoie herbs and vegetables central to each of the 14 dishes we are about to indulge in.

The current season is Summer, synonymous with warmth, relaxation and comfort. We imagine ourselves by the sea enjoying the sun and the fresh sea breeze. The countryside and forests are laden with delicate scents and the beautifully flowered mountains are rocked by the cool wind of the glaciers. The sun magnifies the colours, smells and flavours of the Savoie fruit and vegetables which carry us away on an intoxicating whirlwind. The first four dishes are entirely vegetable based highlighting unique herbs from the region with their delicate, alluring flavours and acknowledging that diners tastes are shifting toward healthier, more plant-based meals.

As we progressed through the journey, some of my most-loved dishes were the potato, fennel and foie gras laden with fresh summer truffle shavings and the langoustine (spiny lobster) with cucumber and verveine (a lemony flavoured herb). The main was a showcase experience, a smoking wooden box of pigeon presented to the table before being served up with artichoke, frene and polenta. All in all 14 different wild-foraged herbs from the restaurant’s collection of over 70+ specially air flown Savoie herbs were expertly woven into our journey by Chef Jeremy.

Of course no fine dining gastronomic experience can be enjoyed without complimenting beverages. The wine collection is impressive, with over 230 expressions including an optional wine pairing. Beyond that, there is a specially curated Whiskey menu, and hand-selected spirits, such as Mezcal, Gin and Rum from specially sourced boutique distilleries.

The service was indeed impeccable, as to be expected from a one Michelin star establishment, but more than that it was personal. On several occasions throughout the experience, both Jeremy and Anant stopped to talk to us – from understanding our dietary needs, to explaining the philosophy of the restaurant to checking in on our meal, they were attentive and personable to the full house of diners. Our stunning experience concluded with yet another personal touch, hand-written menus of our dishes from the evening, with the Savoie herbs highlighted as well as a personal note of thanks from Jeremy and Anant.

If I had one word to describe what sets Restaurant JAG apart from other fine dining establishments in Singapore it would be passion. This is a restaurant which embodies Jeremy and Anant’s passion for quality, seasonal Savoie ingredients, meticulously sourced to provide a unique gastronomic journey as well as their passion for a personalised intimate and relaxed fine dining experience. A restaurant where you can celebrate those special occasions or simply indulge in fine French fare, fine wine and fine service.

Despite not being able to visit France this year, my journey at Restaurant JAG engaged all my senses, took me back to those long drives in the Jag and was able to return me to the natural and breath-taking beauty of the Savoie region for a brief and delectable moment in time.

Through this lavish dinner tasting menu, the kitchen invites diners to join them in Opulent Indulgence - The True JAG Omakase Experience. An immersive journey of discovery where Chef unveils the skilful transformation of unique his seasonal ingredients into complex flavours and textures. Up to 15 Savoie herbs and seasonal vegetables will be the star of this magnificent meal. $223++ per person


A. 76 Duxton Rd 089535

E. [email protected]

T. +65 3138 8477

W. http://www.restaurantjag.com

S. http://www.facebook.com/pg/restaurantjagsg/