Living Free Institute Presents..."From Doctor, to Addict, to Psychologist"

Published - 18 March 2021, Thursday

How does somebody go from achieving academic achievements as a qualified doctor, to become  a heroin addict for 9 years, for then to become an esteemed clinical psychologist specializing in complex trauma, PTSD and addictions using the latest cutting edge neuroscience.

Dr. Reshie Joseph MBBS, MSc, shares his personal story from trauma and suffering to happiness and fulfilment as well as explaining the neuroscience behind all types of addictions 

In addiction to a medical degree, Reshie has a Masters in Psychology & the Neuroscience of Mental Health from King’s College in London. He knows all there is to know about addiction and trauma and what the latest neuroscience is telling us. 

You'll leave with a wealth of understanding. Reshie is an incredible speaker, these talks will be fascinating! Most of us have someone in our lives struggling with addiction in some shape or form - it doesn’t just have to be drugs and alcohol, it could be food, shopping, internet gaming, gambling, sex, porn and more.

Addiction literally always comes from past trauma, usually inflicted in childhood, these two things are closely linked. But not all trauma sufferers become addicts - why is that? 

Reshie will explain the brain science behind it all. He is a wonderful example on how it IS possible to recover from trauma and addiction.

In his work with his clients, he helps them do this, using the latest cutting edge neuroscience which speeds up the recovery and they go onto living happy, productive lives. Today, Reshie has a company named Living Free Institute, a full and thriving practice helping clients recover from complex trauma, PTSD and other Orders of Extreme Stress. 


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RATED 8 / 8
Almost 8 years ago, on a charity committee aiming to raise funds for an addiction centre in Singapore called WeCare and as importantly; raising awareness to de-stigmatize addictions, Reshie and I met.

He was an addict in recovery, only 11 months clean and sober. His pain was raw, his stories of his years in addiction so heartbreaking, there was so much fear in him.

I knew instantly and intuitively that this was one special man. I knew given the chance and a bit of help, he would shine, he would make a difference in this world. The journey we have been on together has been remarkable.

I have been privileged to be by Reshie's side as he has gone from strength to strength. With his intellect and emotional intelligence, and most of all, his compassion for people who suffer - never ceasing to amaze me. He has helped so many people overcoming their addictions and trauma and go on to live happy and productive lives.

We believe in transparency, taking the shame out of addiction and mental health issues. With this talk, we are hoping to inspire and teach. So many of us have a loved one struggling with addiction, after this thought provoking talk, maybe you'll be able to help someone seek recovery treatment - even potentially save a life.

Behind every addict, whether it's alcohol, drugs, shopping, gambling, sex & porn, internet gaming, you name it; there is trauma, usually from childhood.

Reshie will talk about the latest neuroscience discoveries on addiction as well as an inside into the mind of an addict. It'll be fascinating. Hope you want to join us. Light bites will be served. Q&A's after. Please do share. Thank you


RATED 7.5 / 8
How does somebody go from achieving academic achievements as a qualified doctor, to become a heroin addict for 9 years, for then to become an esteemed clinical psychologist specializing in complex trauma, PTSD and addictions using the latest cutting edge neuroscience.


RATED 8 / 8
Dr. Reshie Joseph, MBBS, MSc, is a clinical psychologist trained in the latest neuroscience of mental health. He specializes in Complex Trauma, Trauma of Family Origin, PTSD and Other Orders of Extreme Distress as well as Addictions.