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Video Credit : BALI 2020 AID

BALI 2020 AID's vision is to supply free cooked food to the communities who have lost their jobs and are now starving with no backup support system. No job = no money = no food!

BALI 2020 AID know with your support & contribution they can unite together and make a massive change to thousands of people lives and stop further suffering. Make this special by donating to Go Fund Me Bali 2020 Aid and create a living standard they deserve. Your small contribution will make a big difference in their lives!


Thousands of young and old people have lost their jobs and livelihoods on Bali because of the COVID19 crisis and now struggle daily to find their next meal.

At this time in the COVID19 crisis, “BALI 2020 AID” is asking for your support towards their ongoing food drive program, to assist those people on Bali in desperate need of one meal a day.

For many families on Bali, hunger has now become a reality as they run out of their last resources. Some people need medical treatment but now cannot afford the simplest of medicine.

This crisis situation will go on for many months, homelessness is now becoming a thread for many jobless people on Bali.



38 days since program started  

4,221 meals provided for those people in need in Bali 

€3,668 raised as of May 1, 2020


The organisers - a group of international entrepreneurs with close ties to Bali and supporters of BALI 2020 AID, see it as our social obligation to provide the neediest on Bali, with the basic humanitarian support for food, health, and shelter.

The food drive program was launched on 20 March 2020. Within the first 3 weeks the program served over 1450 meals. The word of the free food service has spread and the demand is growing faster capacity allows. Today BALI 2020 AID is asking for your financial support, towards COVID19 crisis food drive and your donation can be made on the “Go Fund Me Bali 2020 Aid” site.

Your donation will provide food on plates for hundreds of needy people on Bali. In addition, BALI 2020 AID decided to reach out and support the animal welfare program “Food for Dogs” as they are normally fed by the tourists or scraps from street food.

Having raised almost 4 thousand euro with a target of 125,000 euro, the Go Fund Me Bali 2020 Aid, has allowed the aid campaign to be rolled out to some of the most severely impacted community groups in the area of Denpasar.

Just a short drive from the previously bustling Seminyak are 1000’s of Bali’s lowest socio-economic groups living in shanty style homes, caring for their young and their elderly with zero income, savings or assistance.

Many of the inhabitants of these slum areas were previously street food cart drivers in the tourism areas, selling bakso, cakes, noodles etc to the local staff working at the airport, hotels and spa’s for example. 

Their work has all but dried up with zero tourism and hospitality in play now and for the forseeable future. These people need our help now and we need your help

BALI 2020 AID is currently feeding 100 people per day but they need more funding to expand this reach into the most desperate communities of Bali.

Please support Go Fund Me Bali 2020 Aid in any way you can. Keep in mind $1 = 1 Meal. BALI 2020 AID is also taking direct food and grocery donations at designated drop off points.

Please help to SHARE this story - DONATE and make a difference.


3 May 2020
BALI 2020 AID's vision is to supply free cooked food to the communities who have lost their jobs and are now starving with no backup support system. No job = no money = no food!


1 May 2020
Your donation is the biggest part of our budget and makes a huge difference in the lives of Balinese people. Each donations matter, even the smallest ones. https://www.gofundme.com/f/bali-is-in-need-and-we-need-your-support