10 Travel-Related Activities You Can do from Home

Published - 10 August 2023, Thursday
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Travel-related activities at home. Sounds strange, we know. But well, that’s the kind of situation that this global pandemic has brought us amidst. Today, we can more freely plan travel-related activities at home rather than planning an actual trip.

Nevertheless, we feel that it is just as important! It keeps the idea of travel alive, gives us something to look forward to, and keeps our travel-oriented desires temporarily satisfied. On that note, let us now explore some of the fun activities that we can engage in while we stay at home.

Learn a Language

When you plan for a trip to a foreign land, one of the first things that you consider is none other than means of communication. One often wonders how they will convey their say if the residents do not know English? And so, language-learning happens to be one of the first steps of a travel plan.

During this pandemic, you can associate with the feeling of travel only by learning the language of the place that you wish to travel to. In this way, you will keep yourself entertained by the idea. And, also, prepare for the actual trip beforehand. The flights and resorts resumed complete precautionary operation recently.

Virtual Tours

Virtual tours are something that is gaining increasing popularity by the day, especially during the pandemic. Museums like the Guggenheim or British Museum have set up a list of artefacts and history showcased within their museum boundaries on their websites. Surely you will not be able to touch them or click your pictures, but you will be able to see each detail with clarity. And you can even read the relevant details and historical facts that a guide must have provided you with. Other than that, several tourist spots have begun arranging virtual tour videos. Some of these come with a cost and others are free. Opt for what’s most feasible.

Read a Book

Reading cultural or region-oriented fiction also counts as a means of the tour. You can choose non-fiction for a more realistic and accurate exposure. However, we suggest fiction as it will keep you intrigued and entertained. Plus, it will provide an equal amount of knowledge of society and culture.

Plan it Out

Planning your future trip also counts as a travel-related activity. And no, we’re not talking about brainstorming ideas about where you could go.

Here, we talk about a complete, detailed plan. Pick your country, preferred city, do the budgeting, and pick out the spots that you wish to visit within that particular city. Say you’re planning a Thailand Honeymoon, don’t just pause at the thought of it. Dive in deeper and discover what is it in Thailand that will help to make the trip even more magical? Altogether, this will save you time when the world conditions are under control.

Try Different Dishes

Well, food forms a significant part of international travel. Certainly, you don’t aim to fly to Japan and not try the Japanese Ramen. Do you? In actuality, it is also the most exciting aspect. The varying tastes from around the world gives us a different sense of exposure and experience.

But not getting to travel does not mean you cannot try these exciting dishes. You can perhaps try these at the restaurants specializing in these cuisines in your local vicinity. Or perhaps, try making these at home all by yourself! It will be truly enthralling! You can learn from a chef or native online. For this, we suggest YouTube!

Travel Podcasts

Try listening to travel podcasts. With an individual’s unique touch to the exploration, it provides better insight into a country’s feel.  Women on the Road and Extra Pack of Peanuts are two worth-it podcasts to explore.

Watch a Travel documentary, or TV show!

Surely, we do not mean just any show or movie. Opt for the travel documentaries that centralizes the place you wish to visit. For example, if you wish to get familiar with New York, you can watch Friends, How I Met Your Mother, or The Get Down. For Philadelphia, you can watch How to Get Away with Murder, and for the UK, Sherlock and The Doctor are some good picks. The same applies to movies. You may also like 11 Best Movies & Documentaries for Wanderlust Inspiration ​​​​​​​or explore Europe with The Outlaw King and Asia with Lost in Translation.

Outfits Exploration

Every place has a style of its own. And if you are a fashion freak, you’d know that more than us. However, with the world becoming ever-so-digital, fashion is not restricted to physical boundaries only. You can now easily explore it online. Perhaps, on Instagram or the Web.​​​​​​​

Puzzles and Colors

In recent days, adult puzzles and coloring books have become common. These allow adults to take a break from the TV screens and give the mind some rest. So, if you feel inclined towards the idea of it, we would suggest going with travel-themed puzzles and coloring books. The details in each will provide a great deal of exploration.

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