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21 April 2019
The Singapore Ice Hockey Association is the National Sport Association of ice hockey in Singapore and a member of the International Ice Hockey Federation. This is a great program for young and old.


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9 April 2019
It was not until 1988 that an ice skating rink was built in Singapore by a private investor; Fuji Ice Palace in the outskirts of the City Central. In the mid-1990s the Fuji Ice Palace found a new location at Jurong East Entertainment Center (near the Jurong East MRT Station) where it has operated until the present. As of 2006, this is the only operational ice skating rink in Singapore. In 1997 a local league was started at Fuji, organized by the Ice Hockey Association, Singapore (IHAS)) with six teams. Due to the high costs for individual players, the league shut down after one year of operation. Between that time and the formation of the AIHA and NIHL in late 2000, "pick-up" sessions of informal games were organized by various local and expatriate players. The Canadian Association of Singapore has also run various hockey activities over the years, most recently a comprehensive youth hockey program since at least 1997. The National Ice Hockey League of Singapore and its parent body, the Amateur Ice Hockey Association (Singapore) were the brainchild of Greg Blakney, a longtime Asian and Singaporean resident. Greg had a vision of creating a comprehensive infrastructure for developing hockey in Singapore, from bringing together the top players on the island (locals and expats) to play in the NIHL, to helping recruit and develop local talent. The league has grown steadily since inception, spending many thousands of dollars on developing the sport of hockey in Singapore along the way. It has only been since the creation of the AIHA and NIHL, that Singapore has had the foundation on which to build a meaningful national ice hockey body.


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