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Hello, Bicycle! - SHOWROOM


1690 reviews
24 April 2019
They are the largest importer of lifestyle bicycles and cycling accessories for leisure, commuting and fitness.


402 reviews
17 April 2018
"Dear Ken and Peter at Hello Bicycle shop, First of all, I would like to say thank you very much to both of you for helping me to pack my bicycle back from Singapore to Cambodia. I left Cambodia on January 3rd and arrived Singapore on January 20th for total of 18 days and about 1600 miles or 2700 km. My original plan was after I arrived to Singapore I would take the train back from Singapore to Thailand and then cross the border back to Cambodia. But after I did the research on line, I found that this might be hard or it is impossible because the restriction to take bicycle on the speed train and might be hard to change trains and crossing border from Singapore to Malaysia and then to Thailand. So I decided to take the airplan instead. But, I knew no one in Singapore and might be difficult for me to pack the bike in hotel. Then, I thought of bicycle shops where I could get the empty box to pack my bike. When I arrived to Kulai, Malaysia, I researched on google map I found your shop where is the closest to the airport, then I called your shop for help. I talked to Ken and described my situation to him then Ken told me that I can get a free bicycle box and he also told me about the repairing shop that I could use to pack my bike. It was Friday that day and Ken said that the mechanic will not be in on Sunday that I had to do it on Saturday. It was perfectly good timing for me because from Kulai to Hello Bicycle shop in Singapore was about 40 miles away. I arrived to the shop on Saturday, January 20th at around 10am and Ken told me to see Peter in the repairing shop for the empty box and packing my bike. I was so happy that I was able to ship my bicycle back. This was my fourth bicycle trips out of Cambodia after The Hanoi trip on 2015, Thai and Lao trip in 2014. I think my bike means a lot to me and it appeared everywhere I went. After I done packing Peter also help me to get Christy and her staff to deliver my bike and me and I the airport. Again, thank you and your staff very much for your kindness to a stranger from other country that you’ve never met before. I’m really appreciate and grateful to you, your shop and foremost your country. This was my best bicycle trip in 2018 to see best persons and shop in Singapore. Yours sincerely, Savorn Kimchrea" Savorn Kimchrea reviewed Hello, Bicycle Singapore – 5 star on Facebook