Published - 07 October 2020, Wednesday

Image Credit: LING WU Bags Facebook Page

Design is something we all need to start thinking more about.

The way it’s made, the way it forms a relationship with the environment. The way it interacts with you.

This thoughtfulness of design is what lies at the heart of LingWu – how we contemplate the way our products are produced, and the appreciation of longevity in our designs.

With each collection, we consciously choose reflection over haste to bring meaningful revisions and updates with each season. We open our design history books to revive rather than reinvent. We travel, and we establish dialogues with Italian leather merchants and craft manufacturers who are more concerned with the quality of their production rather than in production volume.

Most importantly, we ensure that our design choices live in harmony with those who inspire us – intelligent, independent women who are mindful about the things they choose bring into their lives.

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RATED 7.5 / 8
Get hooked to classy and stylish handbags from one of the best stores in the vicinity, Ling Wu. The designs here are stunning and you can pick fine Italian leather bags to go with your look and suit your personality. The team here is dedicated and works closely with the craftsmen bringing fresh collections to suit the season and ensure brilliant quality; and it reflects in the bags. So, take your pick from amazing tote bags, pretty clutches, and chic hobo bags.


RATED 8 / 8
Discover the understated luxury of Singapore’s premier bag designer, Ling Wu. A line of handcrafted accessories, created in socio-savvy leather, every modern, independent woman should own.

LING WU THE DESIGNER Goh Ling Ling hails from a long line of independent women who embody a beautiful, entrepreneurial spirit. The greatest influence in Ling's life has been her mother, Anna, who helped establish the family garment manufacturing business in the 1970s and blessed her with an impeccably tasteful wardrobe.

Hand me down vintage handbags became a formative playground for inspiration and ultimately laid the foundation for the LING WU aesthetic. Filled with an independent streak, Ling's next step took her to the London, where she studied with the best and the brightest in the world of fashion, Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design in London – a city she fell in love with, whose street fashion she would draw from, the fleas of Portobello and that London beat, coupled with her strong Asian roots - distilled to what she is today. And now, as a mother of 3, Ling is keenly aware of the need that both function and beauty have in the lives of a new generation of independent women.

Where the practical should have panache. And the sensible should have style. But, above all, she believes a great bag should never live within the confines of the latest trend, but should live with purpose as a close and honest friend to whoever owns it. “The luxury of my bags is a union of materials and functionality. I believe a great bag should never live within the confines of the latest trend, but should live with purpose as a close and honest friend to whoever owns it.”

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