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Published - 20 November 2020, Friday

Image Credit: Climb Asia Facebook Page

Climb Asia was born in 2002, when founding members Halil, Shannon and Philip decided to give back to the sports that they love dearly. Their grit, dedication and passion culminated in a small climbing gym in a shop-house along Rangoon Road. Climb Asia became the local Mecca for sports climbing and bouldering.

After 4 years of beautiful memories in the rustic shop-house, they relocated to the climbing centre at Tessensohn Road. It is currently managed by a climbing partner, Ground Up Climbing. It has been serving the Singapore climbing community well ever since; inducting the uninitiated into our world of climbing.

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RATED 8 / 8
If you love rock climbing or would simply like to give it a try, head to Climb Asia, a climbing gym of sorts with an enthusiastic staff. They’ll help you start off your climbing journey from a 9-metre wall to a 15-metre wall and then advance up to the bouldering wall to give you a feel of the real thing. So, go ahead and give it a try and if you like it, get a season pass.

Climb Asia

RATED 8 / 8
Our passion does not stop at indoor gym, it is our desire to get every climber acquainted with climbing in the nature. Our dedication brought us to uncharted territories across South-east Asia, to find more rock climbing areas for climbers around the world. The guidebooks we published are gifts to the climbers seeking adventure beyond the artificial climbing surfaces.

Join us in our mission to spread the joy of climbing. We, the climbing professionals, are serious about journeying with you. Climb On!