Greenwood Fish Market at Sentosa Cove

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29 June 2019
This year, Greenwood Fish Markets has stretched their fins further than they ever have before triumphing their personal record by bringing in 25 kinds of oysters from across the globe. Aside from the sea breeze freshness of raw oysters, Proprietor and head Chef Alan Lee has curated a line-up of cooked oyster dishes for customers to dive deeper into your gastronomic adventure. There’s something wonderfully satisfying about eating foods from the sea – cracking through claw, slurping shell and savouring the freshest catch of the day. A retailer and family run restaurant serving fresh western-style seafood cuisine, Greenwood Fish Market has become a roll off the tongue household name within the Greenwood Avenue community. Established in 2003, the restaurant stays true to its humble beginnings of offering value to the table and is the go to destination for your seafood fix.


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