Seriously Keto

Published - 17 April 2020, Friday

Get serious about getting healthy with Seriously Keto, Singapore's first wholly ketogenic bakery which creates recipes that adhere to the ketogenic diet!

We are located at 32 Seah Street, across the street from Singapore’s iconic Raffles Hotel.

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Sophie George

RATED 8 / 8
A wellspring for all things ketogenic, Seriously Keto is a trusty favorite perched on Seah Street.

This one-stop-keto-shop is where you can explore and grab ready-to-eat bakes, beverages, spreads, and a whole host of goodies to satisfy your dietary restrictions. 

They even have a recipe book — a popular shopper’s choice to assist locals who have embraced the keto way of life.

This place may well become a newfound favorite, especially with the line-up of products freshly made in their in-house bakery. 

Choice Updates

RATED 7 / 8
International Cheese Day is an unofficial holiday which falls on June 4th and celebrates one of mankind's favorite all-time foods: cheese.

This International Cheese Day, indulge your cheesy fantasies with Seriously Keto’s spin on these sharp and crumbly, mellow and creamy flavours in their latest range of cheese treats – all of which are low-carb and gluten-free with zero added sugars!

Cheese is a very important component in a Ketonian’s diet with its perfect balance of fat, protein and carbs in its nutritional makeup. Expect rich and indulgent cheesy treats such as Cheese Churros, Triple Cheese Puffs, and SK New York Cheesecake, or sample them all in a nifty Say Cheeese Bundle!

If you are looking to cut carbs, gluten, and sugar out of your diet and/or are diabetic, this new array of keto-friendly treats, ranging from delectable snacks to addictive bakes have been created especially for you!

Christina George

RATED 8 / 8
Seriously Keto’s gluten-free bread is a prized commodity, and can make meal prepping a whole lot easier. Apart from their scrumptious, and nutritious, ketocakes, Seriously Keto also offers some convenient bundles. They’ve got a Bake at Home Bundle, complete with Redimix and KetoBun enhancement Book, The Bundle, which comes with KetoBun, KetoBun Crisps, and spread, and more! Get these treats delivered to your doorstep with half off delivery fees till the end of April, or ring up an order of $100 for free delivery.


RATED 7.5 / 8
Get serious about getting healthy with Seriously Keto, Singapore's first wholly ketogenic bakery which creates recipes that adhere to the ketogenic diet!

Seriously Keto

RATED 8 / 8
With the best ingredients' nature has to offer, Seriously Keto offers a daily array of keto breads and healthy desserts, bringing guilt-free goodness to every bite.

From our signature KetoBun to our fan-favourite sweets, everything we bake is low-carb, low-calorie and zero-added-sugar — full of everything your body needs, free of everything it doesn’t.

Whether you’re going keto or gluten-free, our carefully crafted bakes won’t throw your diet into disarray.



RATED 6.6 / 8
Seriously Keto. Adult cupcakes, but not in a fun way

The problem with cakes, and anything that is a vice for that matter, is that it is a treat. The definition of a treat is ‘an event or item that is out of the ordinary and gives great pleasure.’ So to make ketogenic cupcakes that are dry and only improved by icing just eliminates the treat aspect of the well, treat.

Seriously Keto, Singapore’s "first fully ketogenic bakery", has gone from being an online operation to become a delightful retail and dine-in spot at Seah Street. The quirky Parisian-chic outfit is mostly takeaway, but has 10 seats if you prefer to enjoy your keto eats on the spot. It also boasts an expanded menu, with more pastries and drinks.

Last week, I had the great fortune of being sent a basket of ketogenic snacks by Seriously Keto and, due to a work from home policy, I was able to try them out with the most discerning cupcake and biscuit fans I know - Miya (13), Asia (11) and Philip (6). Kids are picky. Here is what they said:

All results are out of 10 - with 10 being brain meltingly fantastic to 1 being pass the bucket

Madeleines - the older kids were underwhelmed. Asia 7.5; Miya 5; Philip 10

Black Sesame Loaf - the older kids were reaching for the bin. Conversely, the little one seemed impressed. Asia 4; Miya 4; Philip 9

Chocolate chip cookies - overall positive. Asia 8; Miya 8; Philip 6

KetoBuns - a hard, but charitable, pass. Asia 5; Miya 5; Philip 6

Utter Nutter Cup - this one is a keeper. They (and I) loved the icing. Asia 7; Miya 8; Philip 7.5

Chocolate Deluxe Cup - as is this - although the actual cake part was quite dry. Asia 7; Miya 7; Philip 7

Kaya Kryptonie Jar - this was excellent. I think more an acquired taste though. Your journalist is a big fan of this kind of thing. It was delectably creamy to boot. Asia 8; Miya 9; Philip 4

Overall the outlook is positive for Seriously Keto - but those who really go after cakes and cookies tend to be the youngsters, who traditionally prefer their cookies and cupcakes…. with lots of sugar!

For those who on the ketogenic diet - a low-carbohydrate, high-fat diet - Seriously ketogenic is the place to get your fix.

They use Swerve as a sugar substitute, which does not cause insulin spikes so all the goodies are perfectly safe for diabetics.