Gyu San Singapore

Published - 24 August 2022, Wednesday

Gyu San is the proud purveyor of fine, delectable true Japanese wagyu. Its butchery procures Japanese wagyu directly from different prefectures of Japan, and offers the largest range of over 55 premium Japanese wagyu cuts from farm to table exclusively over its counter. Gyu San’s sando shop is the only place in Singapore where you can get top-grade Japanese wagyu fat-fried katsu sandos and chips.

Savour the goodness of true Japanese wagyu through the crispy and juicy wagyu katsu sando crafted by Chef Tomoyuki Kiga; or through a beefy feast whipped up at home with your favourite Japanese wagyu cuts from the butchery, helmed by Chef Linh, one of Singapore’s few female butchers. GYU SAN is proud to be the first-of-its-kind butchery and sando shop to serve beef the way they do.

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