Throw The Perfect Summer Party: 8 Entertaining Tips

Published - 29 June 2021, Tuesday
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With summer reaching its peak, all of us are brimming with excitement. The sun's heat coupled with occasional breezes has got our energy levels fluctuating drastically and for good. The last two years have been pretty static. Haven’t they?

Now, the situation surely calls for something to complement these energy levels. No? Something….like a cool summer party? Yup. That’s it.

It will not only make these summers super fun but will also compensate for the thrill we’ve missed out on for so long. To help you make the party even cooler, here’s a list of tips!

Pick a Theme

First things first, you need to pick a theme. And no, it’s not because we’ve to conduct a generic party.

Instead, adding a theme to your party will make the arrangements super easy for you. You could go with the same dishware, flatware, and serving ware. The same applies to choosing the right decorations. Plus, it adds up to the cool vibe since your guests will have themselves mentally prepared about what to expect. Thus, contributing their fair share of participation!

Some of the common summer party themes include BBQ party, pool party, July 4th party, ice cream party, scavenger hunts, etc. 

Hype the Vibe

Once you’ve decided on the theme, ensure that everyone on your invite list knows about it. It’s even better if they participate in planning it out, as in letting the host know about their preferences.

With that said, do not disclose everything to your guests. Keep the suspense and surprise element alive so that when they attend the party, the entertainment level doubles up. Some of the behind-the-scenes things to do could include pulling a prank, gifting goodies, etc.

Go for a Super Refreshing Menu

The rule of thumb for summer parties is to go for a refreshing menu. But what exactly counts as refreshing. That’s perhaps a major concern.

Well, to figure that out, you need to have your theme and time frame planned. If you are hosting a lunch party, then it ought to have light foodstuff on the table comprising chicken wings, couscous salads, lemonades, etc. However, if it’s a dinner party, you will have to opt for more fulfilling dishes such as grilled chicken, lobster rolls, etc. But in any case, chilled beverages are a must! 

Opt for Disposables

Avoiding ceramic and plastic cutlery benefits you and the environment. The use of disposable plates, spoons, fork, and bowls adds up to the comfort edge of your summer party.

Having a ceramic or plastic plate on your table will later become a huge inconvenience for you. And during the party, for your guests, as they’ll have to help you out clean it all up.

Keep it Comfy

As per the general rules of a party, it falls upon your shoulders to keep your guests happy and comfortable. You’re providing them disposable stuff to dine in, comfortable places to talk, and a friendly environment. That’s all good. But a summer party brings in greater concerns, such as the sun. A 3 pm party will roast your guests for good if you fail to arrange a shade or provide them with refreshments at regular intervals.

Similarly, keep the outdoor fans, lounge fans, additional cooling devices all set and ready at bay for service. With more people in one place, chances are that the surrounding may get way too hot.

Don’t forget the Night Lights

If it’s going to be an all-day party or a night party, then you’ve got to arrange the night lights. Ensure that you light up the seating area and dining area well enough, especially if it’s an outdoor event. You could do so with eco-friendly solar lamps, cute lanterns, outdoor lights, and torches, etc.  Or, if you’ve got enough budget, you can get fancy porch lights installed.

Perhaps, you could arrange something cool from the premier glow. If there’s going to be a mini-concert by you and your friends (even strumming your guitar counts!), you could perhaps get the glow sticks to spice it all up a bit. Make the night memorable!

Arrange Games & Conversations

Most probably, you and your friends might be catching up after too long at this summer party. Or perhaps, after very tiring stressful days. Chances are they may not be able to participate as enthusiastically or get into the rhythm as you expect them to.

Hence, for a head start, we’d recommend you to set up conversation pits. You could set up multiple seating areas of four or two in your lounge or yard with snacks placed centrally. These provide ample room for conversations.

Similarly, you can arrange games. For indoor settings, board games like chess, scrabble, Blokus, risk, and others will do best. And for outdoor settings, you could with volleyball, badminton, etc.

Keep it Safe and Clean

Summers are just as exciting for insects as they are for us. So, you may as well find them enjoying more than your guests. For that very reason, you ought to ensure that you have mosquito and bug repellants all arranged. The same applies to roaches and other potential insects that may make the environment unhygienic and unhealthy.

Last but not the least, don’t get yourself too stressed arranging the event. It’s supposed to be fun (summer fun). So, chill!

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