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When your results are just around the corner, feelings of stress are understandable. However, they are not doing you any benefit. Are they?

Students often deal with prolonged periods of uncomfortable sensations. It can be defined as anxiety, stress or butterflies in the stomach. It is never fun to go through that feeling since it is nothing but a waste of time. In case you are wondering if someone can do my homework for me, online academic help platforms can help you out.

The results often bother students because they decide which university the student can apply for. However, even if you end up getting great results other requirements have to be fulfilled to be accepted by any university. Therefore, there are two issues that you have to cope with during this period. First is the issue of stress before exam results and the second is getting into your desired university. Here are some tips on both the matters from our experts.

Dealing with Stress of Exam Results

Understand it is Beyond Control

There is a school of thought in western philosophy called Stoicism. Stoicism is a pretty dense concept however one of the main concepts of stoicism can help you out in this matter. According to Stoics, you should recognize what you can and cannot control. Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius defines it this way, “the more we value things outside our control, the less control we have.”

Try focusing simply on the idea whether your exam results are now in your control or not? If they are not in your control then they are no longer your problem. Your exam results are not going to change no matter how much stress you take now. Understand what is beyond your control and let go of it.

Be Mindful

Mindfulness is the skill to stay in the present at all times. Most of our stress stems from the flaw of not staying in the present. We are either regretting the past or worrying about the future. Both these attitudes are flawed and will lead to no benefit at all. When we are in the present moment, we can function in the best way possible. Besides, there is no stress to cope with. One of the best ways to stay present-minded is to meditate. Particularly, regular mindfulness meditations for extended periods have displayed positive results according to research.

Utilize the Stressful Energy

Whether you call it stress, or anxiety or whatever else, it is some kind of sensation building up in your body. The sensation can be defined as energy because it is exerting a force that creates some response within us. So when this stress that is building up happens to be energy then utilizing it would be a good idea. Whenever you are feeling some form of stress, instead of staying stationary, get up and start moving. Some of the most accessible exercises that can be done anywhere anytime include jumping rope movements and shadowboxing.

Create A and B plan

When your exam results arrive it is going to be one of the two things, either it will be what you desired or it will be what you feared. In both cases, your life would not stop and you will have to take some actions to keep moving forward. Hence, create plans for both these potential results. Imagine you are going to get great grades and now visualize how you should ideally react in this situation for further betterment. Similarly, imagine the worst results and now visualize how you should ideally react to that situation too. This way, you will be prepared for whatever happens.

Realize it’s not that important

Your results might have various kinds of impacts on your life in the immediate future. However, in the large scheme of things, their impact will be quite negligible. Remember the last time you failed at something and the subsequent pain that followed. Do you still feel that pain? In most cases, you do not. No matter how bad the outcome might be, its impact is only momentary. Therefore, try realizing that it is not that important because genuinely it is not.

Getting into University

Make Sure You Qualify

Whichever university you are applying for, make sure that you qualify for that university. If you have not studied a subject during your earlier education, then most universities will not accept you for that program. Make a list of institutes based on the program as per your earlier qualification, grades, placement test requirements and everything else. Make sure that the list of universities you are going to apply for is realistic.

Prepare for the Placement Test

The placement tests are not a requirement everywhere. However, in some cases, they are an absolute necessity. Particularly if you are a business or sciences student then there are various kinds of test requirements to meet. Students sometimes have to take the GRE and/or the GMAT tests too. If the university of your choice requires you to take any of those tests then start preparing for them.

Create a Portfolio

If there is one factor that is going to impact your chances of getting selected the most then it is the portfolio. Imagine you are applying for a university that requires a minimum of 3.5 CGPA on a 4 point grading scale and your results are lacking. You might still get selected for that program if your portfolio displays credibility. Students often undermine the importance of the portfolio by simply considering it a requirement to fulfil. If you have a great portfolio for the program, then you can potentially get selected at any university in the world.

Write a Killer Motivation Letter

If there is one aspect of meeting university requirements that are underestimated the most then it is the motivation letter or statement of purpose. Various online websites offer motivation letter writing services to students. If you require a service to write a motivation letter for you then you do not deserve to get enrolled in any university you apply for. There is no magic tip for writing a motivation letter. Simply write a motivation letter from your instinct. Try to be honest, do not pretend and genuinely state why you think you deserve to be a part of the program. Motivation letters can often make or break an applicant’s chances of being selected.

Accept Whatever Happens

Even if you are rejected by a university, you are not being rejected by life. It is just an institute with certain regulations that decided to not enrol you for its program. In any case, your sense of self-worth should not be affected by their decision. Even if you get accepted by Yale or Harvard, it will not guarantee your success in life. University period is what we make it to be. The potential lies within us and not in the institute we are studying at. Even if a student is enrolled at not a highly ranked institute, they can still make the most of that opportunity and shine. If you are stressed over the workload and are wondering if someone can do my homework for me, then multiple platforms can deliver that help for you today. 



5 October 2020
Students often deal with prolonged periods of uncomfortable sensations. It can be defined as anxiety, stress or butterflies in the stomach. It is never fun to go through that feeling since it is nothing but a waste of time. In case you are wondering if someone can do my homework for me, online academic help platforms can help you out.