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Published - 27 April 2021, Tuesday
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Research shows that 75% of Internet users check only the first page of search results when looking for something in Google. This is the reason why every company needs to do SEO and set a goal to make its ranking higher.

The effective SEO strategy is unique for every particular website. Still, some general techniques and methods can help you. In this article, let's see them.

Do Website Technical Audit

Both Brian Dean from Backlinko and Neil Patel claim that the page's loading speed has an essential importance for ranking in 2021. If you do not know how to increase it or how even to check it, Google's PageSpeed Insights tool will be helpful for you. This tool shows the speed in percentage and also advises on improving it.

The list of such actions is a part of a website technical audit. The full audit also includes UI/UX analysis, HTTPS settings, mobile version of the resource etc. All this has a positive effect on ranking because it shows Google that customers can easily use your website.

Get Organic Backlinks

Backlinks are one of the most important SEO concepts. Recently, Ahrefs has found out that 90% of users open websites not from the Google search results but from other websites. Still, the truth is that other 10% of users also have the opportunity to find your resource because of backlinks. References tell Google that your site is reliable since the authoritative blogs link on it.

Of course, all this works only for organic and high-quality backlinks. Check the full guide on how to build an organic backlink profile here: And in this article, let's have a short overview.

To get organic backlinks, you need to cooperate with the webmasters of niche and top-rated resources. It is so because effective backlinks in 2021 should be relevant and be set in professional and competent texts. You can both make it on your own or order a service from some SEO-agency.

Create Sitelinks

Sitelinks are the navigation inside your content. For example, you write a blog text about tips to make good SEO. It consists of 3 headers. At the beginning of the article, you list all headers and create a link on each of them to simply and fast go through the content structure.

How will it affect Google? In search results, sitelinks are shown right after the short description of the specific results. Users see it and can immediately check the plan of the article and click on the relevant header.

Use Long-Tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords are search queries with more than three words. They are more effective for narrow niches because they clearly describe users intentions, and also, they are not so popular.

For example, it is extremely hard to rank higher for the "buy car" keyword, but it will be much easier to pick the "buy red Nissan car in New York" query. Include these words to your website content, especially headers, but be careful and check its popularity – some long-tail keywords can be too difficult and too long.

Do Some SMM

Distribution of your content in social media became very important for Google in 2021. Every time you create a blog text or video, share it on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. For some platforms, it will be needed to edit a format for a little bit. For instance, write a short description intro for Twitter. Get started from simple duplication of your old posts and see a result.

These five techniques are not everything you can do to make ranking higher. Still, you can try it to define what works better for you. Experiment, and do not forget to analyze the result of your actions so you can create your individual and unique strategy.

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